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Prepaid Brokerage Plan :

ICICIdirect provides you discounted brokerage with ICICIdirect NRI Lifetime Prepaid Brokerage Plan, you can reduce brokerage up to 84% across all products and save on your transaction cost. Prepaid brokerage plan comes with a Life time validity. You can utilize the brokerage amount till it gets exhaust. You will continue to avail all benefits of this plan even after you completely utilise your prepaid balance.

Prepaid Plan () GST () Total () Cash Brokerage Futures (%) Options per Lot
eATM Facility
1800 11800 0.75% 0.040 60 YES
9000 59000 0.50% 0.035 50 YES
18000 118000 0.35% 0.030 40 YES
36000 236000 0.30% 0.025 30 YES
54000 354000 0.20% 0.020 25 YES

Note: Brokerage of 0.15% shall be applicable on Physical Delivery of F&O Contracts irrespective of existing brokerage plan

Selecting prepaid plan is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Login to your ICICIdirect.com account
  • Visit Settings Menu - Select My brokerage plan section - Select your desired plan for Prepaid subscription.
  • In case you are unable to see the Link for selecting Prepaid Brokerage plan in this section, please call our customer care numbers to enable the link

Additional Benefits of Plan:

  • Get pay-out of Up to 1 Cr within 5 minutes on selling shares
  • You also get an option to take refund of the un-utilized amount after a year
  • Valid for lifetime, even after you have completely utilized your prepaid balance


  • Login to your ICICIdirect.com account

  • Visit Settings – My Brokerage Plan section – Choose the plan, accept T&C and submit

  • In case you are unable to see the link for selecting ICICIdirect Prepaid Plan in this section, please call our NRI Customer Care number to enable the link

Savings as compared to Normal NRI brokerage plan of 1.25%

Prepaid Plan (₹) Cash Brokerage Savings in brokerage
10000 0.75% 40%
50000 0.50% 60%
100000 0.35% 70%
200000 0.30% 72%
300000 0.20% 84%

Terms and Conditions

Prepaid plan is valid for life time. You may use the balance in your prepaid brokerage account at any time during its validity

For all new Prepaid subscription done from May 10, 2018, you have the option to exit and take refund of unutilized Prepaid amount after completion of 1 Year of prepaid subscription, On doing so the balance in your prepaid brokerage account including GST will be refunded after adjusting any obligations with I-Sec if any to your NRO bank account (Non Pins or Pins) or paid by way of cheque and your account will be mapped to normal brokerage of 1.25% post refund.

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