Cyber Awareness
It has come to our (ICICI Direct) notice that certain unknown persons/entities claiming to be part of ICICI Direct / ICICI Securities are soliciting/offering services with respect to trading activities through various online platforms, including WhatsApp groups.

Based on the limited information available to us, we believe that the activities being undertaken by the person/s or entity/s purporting to be part of ICICI Direct and/or ICICI Securities are illegal and fraudulent. Such activities also deeply tarnish the goodwill and reputation of ICICI Direct & ICICI Securities. These activities are being reported to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

We urge our investors and public at large to be cautious and vigilant in this regard and be wary of such unscrupulous person/s and/or entity/s impersonating ICICI Direct and/or ICICI Securities.

In addition, we recommend that you DO NOT:
  • Make any payments without being certain the transaction is legitimate
  • Provide any personal information, data or KYC documents to anyone you do not know
  • Reply to suspicious emails, text messages & WhatsApp messages or contact the sender by any means of communication
  • Open suspicious websites, links, urls or attachments as this may lead to an attempt to infect your computer or other devices with a virus
  • Engage/respond to Call/SMS from unknown numbers especially from unknown/suspicious international numbers.
    Kindly note that ICICI Direct  DOES NOT :
  • Ask anybody to join WhatsApp / Telegram groups for receiving recommendations on stocks leading to abnormally high, assured or guaranteed returns
  • Call/reach out to our customers from international numbers.
  • Offer assured or guaranteed returns on any of our equity/equity linked products.
    You may please refer this link ( for our official list of websites / mobile applications / social media handles of ICICI Direct/ ICICI Securities.
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