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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a way of investing in mutual funds through which an investor can invest a fixed amount in mutual fund scheme of his/her choice at regular intervals.

Like a Recurring Deposit, an investor can invest fixed amount at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly) through SIP. Rather than investing a large amount one-time through lump sum mode, more investors now prefer to invest smaller amounts regularly through the SIP mode. You can start investing through SIP in a mutual fund scheme with an amount as low as Rs 100 per month.

Benefits of investing through SIP

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Easy on pockets – Start investing with an amount as low as 100 per month

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Inculcates discipline in investing

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Helps in averaging the cost of investment (rupee cost averaging)

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Removes the need to time the market

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Benefit from power of compounding over long term

Right time and amount to start a SIP

There is no time like NOW to start investing. The earlier you start investing, the better it is. This gives the invested money more time in the market, thereby increasing the growth potential of your investments.

A SIP calculator can help you determine the right amount for starting a SIP. You should choose an amount that you can invest regularly without stopping your investments.


Value added features make investing simpler on ICICIdirect.com

Pay less buy more
SIP Step Up (SIP Top up):

Automatically increase your SIP amount on periodic basis

Cashless trading
SIP Pause:

Allows to take a break from your investment to meet financial exigencies

Cashless trading
Period Till Cancellation (Perpetual SIP):

Set up a perpetual SIP and forget the hassle of tracking expiry dates

Cashless trading
Auto-renewal of SIP:

Option to auto-renew SIPs post completion of selected period

Cashless trading
SIP Modification:

Flexibility to modify Trigger date, Frequency, Period & investment amount online with a few clicks

Cashless trading
Any Date SIP:

Option to start SIP on any date between 1st to 28th of a month in schemes of select AMCs

Cashless trading
Multiple payment modes:

Investment can be done through linked ICICI Bank account, Mandate & UPI

Steps to invest in SIP through ICICIdirect.com/ICICIdirect Money app

  • Step 1 Login to your account
  • Step 2 Select a Mutual Fund from multiple options: Recommended schemes/ iDirect One Click Investment Basket(s)/ Using search filters
  • Step 3 Provide investment details and confirm

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