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Step UP

Make automated incremental investments as per your pre-defined amount or quantity



Pause your Stock SIP for certain number of installments until you are ready to start again



Freedom to choose your desired Frequency, Period and Investment type


It's easy, follow 3 simple steps

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Go to “Place Stock SIP” under “Stock SIP“ tab in “Place Order” section

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Select the Stock, Investment Type, Frequency and Period

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Confirm your Stock SIP and we will take care of the rest for you!

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Go to “Place Stock SIP” under “Stock SIP“ tab in “Place Order” section

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Select the Stock, Investment Type, Frequency and Period

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Confirm your Stock SIP and we will take care of the rest for you!



Stock SIP is a product using which you can place buy orders for a pre - specified amount or for a pre - specified quantity in scrips of your choice at regular intervals over a period of time as selected by you. For instance, you can select a Stock SIP for a period of say 6 months to invest 2000 per month/ other permitted frequency in shares of BHEL or alternatively you can choose to buy 10 shares of BHEL every month/ other permitted frequency through Stock SIP.
Unlike in the cash segment, where you have to time the market to make gains, Stock SIP helps you to bring down your average cost of acquisition of shares due to the averaging principle.
Stock SIP eliminates the need for you to actively track the market and helps in distributing your investment over a period of time.
An Stock SIP Request is an online instruction placed by you on www.icicidirect.com authorising I-Sec to place buy orders in your account as per the details specified by you.
You do not need to allocate funds for placing an Stock SIP as funds are auto debited from your linked bank account.
Frequency means the time interval, after the start date, with which you wish Stock SIP orders to be placed in your account. Depending on the frequency selected by you, I-Sec will place Stock SIP orders at the defined intervals after the start date for the total period specified by you.
You may select either Amount based Stock SIP request or Quantity based Stock SIP request. You can indicate your choice by selecting the desired option under the field "Stock SIP Type" at the time of placing the Stock SIP request.
Amount based Stock SIP is a Stock SIP type wherein a fixed amount (or approximately the same) is invested in your desired scrip at each frequency.
In case of Amount based Stock SIP, you need to specify the amount to be invested in the scrip at your desired frequency. The amount specified by you should be equal to or above the minimum amount defined by I-Sec. The shares will be purchased at market price and the quantity will be decided using the formula Stock SIP/Market Price
Quantity based Stock SIP is a Stock SIP type wherein a fixed quantity of shares of your desired scrip is purchased at each frequency.
In case of Quantity based Stock SIP, the quantity would be as specified by you and would be fixed while placement of orders as per your desired frequency. The order value would be calculated based on the market price of the scrip prevailing in the market at the time of order placement.
You can place an Stock SIP by logging into our website and selecting Stock SIP under Place Oder Tab – Equity. The key details such as stock name, Stock SIP Type, Exchange and duration need to be filled.
No, additional charges are incurred for placing Stock SIPs. You will be charged brokerage for Stock SIP Segment as per your pricing plan.
Yes, Stock SIPs can be modified or cancelled anytime through Stock SIP Request Book.
Yes, auto renewal is available for Stock SIPs. However, if you wish, you can cancel auto renewal anytime.
Yes, you can check the future value of Stock SIPs on our portal. You need to enter the stock name and the quantity/amount. You can choose the tenure of Stock SIPs and the expected rate of return basis which the future value of your investments will be shown.
Step Up is a feature that will increase your Equity Stock SIP amount/quantity periodically by an amount or a quantity at a set interval as defined by you. If you have chosen “Amount” type while placing Stock SIP request, then you are allowed to enable step up with Amount only. Same will be applicable in case of “Quantity” type Stock SIP request. You can avail of this feature at the time or order placement.
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