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Dear Customer,
ICICIdirect presents never before discounted brokerage in Options, where you pay Flat 20 per order in Options and only 5 per lot. Now break-even in the smallest of Nifty movements and pay discounted brokerage.
So, now on 4 lot Nifty contract i.e. 300 quantity, pay only 40 as brokerage for the entire order as against 380 that you pay currently.
If you happen to trade in small option premiums i.e. less than 5 rupee and square off in quick movement i.e. within 5 minutes, you will be charged 20 per order.
This exclusive discounted brokerage comes to you for both intra-day and carry forward trades at no conditions.
So get ready to trade at discounted brokerage rates with ICICIdirect with a flat brokerage of 20 per orders and only 5 per lot!
The enrollment for this exclusive offer is currently by invitation only. Provide your information and register below at no charges.
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