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Introducing ICICI Direct Backtester

Don’t Guess, Trade with Confidence!

Build your own or choose from 24+ readymade strategies

Use data to Test, Refine & Trade strategies at No Cost.

Automate your trades with Zero coding

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Are you ready for a game changing tool?

We present to you Backtester! Explore, refine and execute diverse strategies with ease!

Customize or choose from a wide range of strategies! Enter your risk parameters with ease.

Backtest your trading strategy to peek into the past and see how it would have performed!

Go live with your strategy like a pro! Seamless journey for your ease!

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Such representations are not indicative of future results. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

How it works ?

Just set up your rules and let our system take care of the rest. It not only automates your set of rules, but also helps you in real-time monitoring with bots!

  • Step 1

    Create your own multileg strategy

  • Step 2

    Enter your risk parameters

  • Step 3

    Set Entry and Exit Rules

  • Step 4


  • Step 5

    Refine & Trade!

Such representations are not indicative of future results. The securities quoted are exemplar and are not recommendatory.

Make your trading game stronger

Our advanced architecture ensures that each strategy you deploy gets the attention it deserves. Our system maps each instance to a dedicated bot and prevents any latency issues.

Try unlimited backtest at no cost

Backtest across underlying - indices and stocks

Monitor multiple market conditions

Reduce Trade Slippage

If you have any suggestions or queries, please reach out to us at spring@icicisecurities.com

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

It is a trading that helps you build your options strategies with ease. It helps you in evaluating the strategy on historical data. It automates your set of rules, also helps you in real-time monitoring with bots!

Rolling contracts doesn’t have absolute expiry and strike. When we link these to a relative term, then it becomes rolling contract. Instead to expiry date, we use Current Month, Next Month, Third month, 1st week, 2nd week Instead to Strike, we link it to the spot price that point in time. ATM- At the money, OTM 1 – 1 away from ATM, OTM 2 – 2 away from ATM These are useful when you are performing a backtest or executing a set options strategy frequently.

These are the contract formats that we use in day to day trading. It has a set expiry date and strike price. To use dated contracts on Backtester, click on filter  Dated

Quick backtest runs simulations of the strategy performance based on historical data with a reduced set of metric calculations and shows the result in real-time. Also, the result of the backtest is not saved when run in the quick mode. Quick back test may take anywhere between few seconds to few minutes depending on the timeframe selected.  You should opt for a full backtest when you want to study the result thoroughly and save it for future reference. A full backtest provides various parameters to analyze the result in comparison to quick backtest. Full back test may take 2 to 3 minutes depending on the timeframe selected. In case funds are not sufficient for all trades to go through, quick backtest might give you inaccurate results. Do perform full backtest, check trades to know that the funds are sufficient and trades are happening!

No. You cannot square off positions from open positions. In that case you are risking your yourself for creating access positions. If you want to use Open Positions, Stop the Bot or use Square off and Exit Option provided.

Yes, this is possible by adding them in the leg itself. For each leg there is a stoploss and take profit option available. There are three methods available to add your stoploss or takeprofit

  1. Percentage (%): Enter the percentage stoploss or takeprofit for that leg
  2. Absolute: Enter the exact value at which you want to exit (stoploss or takeprofit)
  3. Point: Enter the point move you want for that contract to exit. (This is per contract basis)

Yes, for the basket of options selected, you can set strategy-wise Trigger, Stoploss and Takeprofit. There are three methods available to add thes

  1. Percentage (%): Enter the percentage stoploss or takeprofit for the whole basket
  2. Absolute: Enter the exact value of basket at which you want to exit (stoploss or takeprofit)
  3. Point: Enter the point move of basket you want to exit. This can also be considered as P&L. (This is the whole basket move)

  • Time based – If selected, your entry will be based on the entry-time selected, if strategy trigger is not selected.
  • Weekdays – You can select the weekdays you want to enter the strategy
  • Entry Stop – This is the time after which no fresh entry will be taken

  • Exit Strategy on any leg square-off – All legs exit once exit condition of any leg is met. This is by default true.
  • Weekdays (Only for Positional trades) – You can select the weekdays you want to exit the strategy
  • Move SL to cost – Stoploss for all legs left are moved to cost when SL of one leg is hit
  • Allow re-entry (max) – No. of times to re-enter a strategy once the conditions are met again
  • Cool off - This is the waiting time to enter new trade after hitting stoploss or takeprofit. By default, it is 5 min

Yes, Backtester supports positional trading. For this you need to select positional trading. Every day, you need to visit the Backtester page and restart the bot.

Yes, Clone functionality is available in Finished tab.

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