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Put your money to work by harnessing the power of Compounding!

  • Code In Python and convert your ideas into strategies
  • Readymade strategies for direct execution
  • Backtest your strategy over historical data
  • Automate your trades
  • Monitor your strategies

Spring, from ICICIdirect, is a unique new platform that could set the future of trading as we know it!

It is a platform to research and trade systematic investment strategies.

Rest assured- You don’t necessarily have to be a coder for this!

We offer a full bouquet of strategies

  • No Code : use an interactive and intuitive way to build your strategy
  • Parameterized : choose from the ready made algos we have for you, tweak the parameters as you wish!
  • Full Code : a python coding environment where if you can code it, you can run it

Available for: empty Cash (NSE) emptyF&O (NSE)

Now unleash the power of this platform at every stage of your quant journey.


Have some interesting
strategies in mind?

Now research on it using all the data you require.


Build Your Strategy

Using Python

Using Python

Using Blocks

Using Blocks

  • Write python codes and create your own strategies.
  • Not familiar with python? Don’t worry! You can build your strategies with drag and drop blocks.


Test over Historical Data

Backtest your strategy over historical data and check if it provides favourable outcomes.

Please note: Backtest results are analytical results generated based on the conditions used on historical data, and don't represent actual returns or future returns.


Trade Live

Your strategy is all
set up to trade live.

There are two ways to trade

  • One touch : Sit back and relax, your strategy will notify you when your strategy conditions are met. Accept and send your order in live market with just a click
  • Automated: Don’t worry if you’re away from your system. Your strategy will take all the trades for you in live market

Please note: Exchange Approval is required for making any automated execution of any Algo.



Right from P&L,
trades to your positions.

Let the bot monitor your strategy for you Monitor everything at one place!


Features & Assistance










We are constantly improving our technologies and plan to add new features and datasets to improve your edge and experience. If you have any suggestions or queries, please reach out to us at spring@icicisecurities.com

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"A powerful new tool for Algorithmic Trading. Really easy & helpful for backtesting, optimising and automating."

Hajrah Haider


The Spring platform is created with all types of traders and investors in mind (however, not all of the strategies offered on the platform are appropriate for all traders/ investors).

It provides an environment for research and trading of systematic investment strategies. You can perform analysis on your concepts, back-test them, and then use your techniques in real-world or even on paper trading. Your thoughts can be turned into trading methods with the aid of this platform. 

Spring offers an opportunity to create your own strategies, backtest over historical data,trade live, and monitoring your trades. All at one place! 

Login to ICICIdirect. Look at the upper right corner. You will find a Spring icon; click on that to reach the Spring platform. You can use following features available on the Spring platform.

I. Creating Strategies
II. Testing  
III. Live Trade  
IV. Monitoring 

These features are illustrated in detail in the platform documentation. Go through the final section – Navigate Through Spring, for a walkthrough of the platform. 

Don’t worry if you’re intimidated by or unfamiliar with coding. You can design your own strategies using visual programming tool offered on Spring platform. Refer to the platform documentation of Spring for more details on visual programming tool. 

You can create your own strategies in the Research Lab provided by ICICIdirect’s Spring platform using the tools this platform provides. We provide three offerings for creating strategies:
No Code: You can design your own strategies using our visual programming tool. An interactive and intuitive way of building your strategies.

Full Code: You can use the Python environment on Spring platform to code your own strategies.

Parameterized: These are pre-built strategies that allow you to modify the parameters to suit your preferences. There are two categories of parameterized strategies:

Alpha Strategies: A variety of strategies with the potential to outperform the benchmark or provide a competitive advantage

Smart Orders: Smart orders help you execute pre-determined trades more efficiently

Spring platform provides you a technical documentation to understand the full code (Python) environment i.e. callbacks, APIs etc. associated with this platform.

Quick backtest runs simulations of the strategy performance based on historical data with a reduced set of metric calculations and shows the result in real-time. Also, the result of the backtest is not saved when run in the quick mode. Quick back test may take anywhere between few seconds to few minutes depending on the timeframe selected. 

You should opt for a full backtest when you want to study the result thoroughly and save it for future reference. A full backtest provides various parameters to analyze the result in comparison to quick backtest. Full back test may take 5 to 10 minutes depending on the timeframe selected.

Spring’s smart orders help you execute pre-determined trades efficiently. Different types of executions are available that aim to optimize impact cost, time-to-fill, slippage, market timing or a combination thereof. The customer gets the benefits of automated and faster execution, less slippage, and improved timings.

Spring’s Research Lab lets you convert your idea into a trading strategy. If you have a logic in place, you can create your own strategy using the tools provided on Research Lab.

With one touch strategies on Spring, we provide you alerts based on the created signals rather than placing trades directly to the exchange. The order is forwarded to exchange only after receiving client confirmation. It enables you to send orders with a single click while keeping an eye on market conditions. 

Automated strategies on Spring are the strategies that we have made available for you. For such strategies, exchange approval is required. Once, automated strategy is started, algo will handle the rest from monitoring the market conditions till placing the trades. 

Refer to Ready-strategies documentation for all the details on algos being offered by ICICIdirect on Spring platform 

Smart order sessions provide details, like trades and actions taken, of deployed smart orders.

Live bots, and smart order sessions allow you to monitor your deployed strategies on Spring platform, on the basis of various performance metrics and trades, all at one place. 

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