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Top Products and Features offered at ICICI direct

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Incur '0' Brokerage upto ₹500

Equity Products

Investment made easy with our suite of products

One Click Equity

Invest in baskets of stocks and ETFs curated by our Research team

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Systematic Equity Plan (SEP)

Just like an SIP, but investment in stocks. Leverage the power of compounding and make market timing irrelevant

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e-ATM Facility

Receive money within 5 minutes of selling stocks at Zero additional cost

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Pay Later Option (MTF)

Don’t lose out! Buy stocks with small (margin) amount and we will fund the rest

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Shares as Margin

Generate instant limits using shares in your Demat A/C. Zero Interest* for using this limit for trading in Intraday products

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Get customized alerts for your transactions thereby helping you make an informed decision

Derivative ProductS

Investments are just one click away

Basket Order

Save your valuable time by placing multiple F&O orders at a single click. Create and save up to 20 different baskets as per need by naming and adding or removing scripts

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One Click Derivative

Trade in Research recommended derivatives trades/strategies using single click

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Fixed Income Securities

Invest Easily in Fixed Income Securities with seamless and paperless processes

Corporate Bonds

Beat market volatility and earn up to 2% higher interest than traditional deposits

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Corporate Fixed Deposits

Get 0.5% - 3% higher interest than bank FD. Enjoy stable & regular returns irrespective of market fluctuations

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Reserve Bank of India Bond

Regular Income payout in Jan & Jul every year. Higher return than traditional deposits. Secure investment backed by RBI

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Sovereign Gold Bonds(SGBs)

10% average annual return. 30 years of positive returns. Returns 4% higher than average inflation

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National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Digital account opening in less than 20 minutes. Mix of Equity and Debt offers higher return. Tax benefits applicable

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Convenient investments

within a few clicks

Multiple modes

of application

In depth analysis

for all IPOs

Research Tools & Features : Equity

Benefit from our research Capabilities to make informed Investment decisions

SWOT Analysis

In depth stock specific Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis

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Rapid Results

View company result reports at a glance and make better Investment decisions

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iLens Stock screener

Use the predefined screener from i-Lens to track stocks based on Technical, Growth, Value or Multi query screeners

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Regular Blogs

Stay updated with the latest financial and economic developments

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Trending News

Stay updated with the trending news from the Financial Markets

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Investing and Trading Ideas

Get up to date Investing and Trading Ideas

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Weekend Reads

Curated articles about the financial markets to help you make better investment decisions

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Research Tools & features : Derivatives

Trading in derivatives made easy with our indepth research


iTrack- Make more informed decisions with more Derivatives market data like insights on your Open Positions, Live streaming charts, ability to place orders from charts, Options Greeks, Payoff analyzer, Moving averages and much more, all of which is customized to your open positions

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Live streaming Advance Charts

Ability to buy/sell from Live streaming charts. More than 100 studies available such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, Moving Average, etc.

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Payoff Analyzer

Track your open positions payoff for multi-leg positions considering net P&L for combined position

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Moving Average

View the moving average for 5, 20,50 and even 200 days

Implied Volatility

View the Implied volatility of a contract on the same page

Greek Values

View the Delta, Gamma, Vega and Theta of any contract

Open Interest

Gauge contract activity as per previous day and current day OI


Enhance your F&O trading with customized screens, ready to trade strategies, live data and more.

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Easy Options

Just guess up or down, and get a strategy for your prediction. This strategy comes with a limited loss, which means no matter where the market goes, you will not lose

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Strategies Wizard

Give a target for stock or index here, and the Strategies Wizard will give you the best strategies from thousands of combinations possible

Strategy Builder

Create your own Option Strategies, analyze their payoffs, calculate max profit, max loss, Greeks, etc and trade it

Virtual Trading

Try trading without real money with Virtual trading options

Option Express

Analyze F&O market, understand complex option chain, get predefined option strategies & more

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F&O Insights

Get all the analytical data you need for Futures & Options trading

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Real time Trending News

From the web, government wires, news wires, blogs and Twitter. Get news sentiment and velocity to know the news points making an impact in the market

Ratings and Markets Pulse

Quickly scan what is getting the attention of Investors and Investment Houses. Receive rating alerts, portfolio updates, big trades, analyst and brokerage updates; all in real time

Price Heatmap

One-click market snapshots of Long-Short Built-up, Volume, Volatility etc

Company Dashboard

Get a whole new picture of the company activity on the dashboard, right from Company news, algorithm-generated alerts, Option movement, unusual activity to Company research report


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  • Search, monitor & place orders
  • Track stocks with live charts
  • Biometric login & encryption

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Trading in Mutual Funds has never been easier

  • Handpicked research-backed baskets of Mutual Fund schemes & more with ease
  • Flexible investment with one time (Lumpsum) & SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) options

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Learn all about investing in a simplified way

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