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Why Open Trading Account with ICICI Direct?

Effortless trading experience with our All-in-one App

Trade orders accepted online and via phone with CALL N TRADE facility

Receive timely market updates, news alerts on securities, IPOs and investments

Transparent and affordable pricing

Place F&O with buy/sell, target, stop loss, valid until contract expiry

Access to Award-winning research

How to Open Trading Account?

Steps to open a Trading Account:

  • Enter Mobile No
    and OTP
  • Share
    RM details
  • Provide Email and validate with OTP send on your Email Id
  • Enter PAN number and date of birth
  • Verify
    KYC details
  • Link Bank account and complete Digilocker verification
  • Account
    successfully opened
  • Capture your live photo for identify verification
  • Select
    Brokerage Plan
  • Enter Additional information- Personal, Financial and FATCA details
  • Open/Link your Demat Account
  • Verify your information and Upload Documents

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Documents Required To Open A Trading Account

Following is the complete checklist of required documents

PAN Card

Mandatory and important document to open a trading account.


Sign on a white paper and upload it. Ensure that your signature matches the one on your PAN card

Bank proof

As proof of your bank account, enter correct IFSC code and bank account number. Image of a cancelled cheque or your bank statement/passbook for the last six months is required only if Bank verification fails.

Financial document

To trade in derivatives such as F&O, you need to submit the soft copy of the Income Tax Return (ITR) statement, salary slips for three months, bank statement for six months, net-worth certificate, Demat holding statement, or holding report. This is optional and not mandatory.


Open a Trading Account online with ICICI Direct in 10 mins

What Is a Trading Account?

If you want to trade in equities, exchange-traded mutual funds, bonds or other securities, you need to have a trading account. It is your first step in the wonderland of investments.

A trading account is needed to buy or sell shares, bonds or other securities. Before online trading accounts, the stock exchange had an open outcry system where traders would bid for shares on the stock market floor or a trading ring. Today, you can simply open a demat and trading account and place your orders without having to be physically present at a stock market.

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I have been investing through @ICICIDirect, its quick and convenient.

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Account opening process with #ICICIDirect has been a wonderful experience. This was opened in no time and there were no hurdles.

Balaram Ramaswamy


My transaction through #ICICIDirect have always been smooth as they have an easy to use interface.

D P Vekariya


Best Broker for me - ICICI Direct. Never have any issues with login. Best customer service, Very Innovative & unique in features...


ICICIDirect has one of the best platforms and i didn't realise it. Maybe because they have recently updated their application. This interface is so informative and useful. I'm definitely shifting back to it now splly after so many technical glitches with Zerodha

Simar X


New features on the way #ICICIDirect hope to use this more efficiently as part of the peaceful weekend investing process. Thank you, @ICICI_Direct for the upgrade.

Shivendra Bhatia


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Trading Account FAQs

A trading account is required to buy and sell securities in the financial markets. Additionally, it allows you to set your trading limits and execute trades. Special features of the online trading account include placing orders even after market hours.

Anyone, including minors, can open trading accounts in India. A minor's account will be under the watch of a guardian. Once the minor attains 18 years of age, the report can be transferred to their name.

  • The first step in closing a trading account is to inform the brokerage firm or Depository Participant with which you opened it.
  • You'll be asked to fill out an Account Closure form, which you should double-check for accuracy. This form is easily accessible on their website or at any of the DP locations.
  • You must submit the Account Closure form to your nearest DP branch after filling it out.
  • Because your trading and demat accounts deal with securities, double-check that you've cleared the board before closing your trading account.

Investors can trade securities such as equities, futures and options through a trading account. Currency derivatives, in addition to equities, can be traded through a trading account.

No, you cannot open a trading account in the name of a minor. However, it can be opened in the name of either of the parents or the legal guardian

You can enjoy low brokerage charges with a wide range of delivery plans. You get a real time calculation on both your short-term and long-term capital gains in just a single click.

You can open an online trading account if you are over the age of 18. PAN, bank account, identity, and address proofs are all required documents.

After the verification process, the trading account is usually activated in 3-4 days.

You can link only one bank account with your e-invest accounts at ICICI Direct.

  • Step 1: Enter your mobile number
  • Step 2: Enter OTP
  • Step 3: Enter your email and verify OTP or aunthenticate gmail id using google authentication. No OTP required for google authentication
  • Step 4: Enter your PAN and Date of Birth
  • Step 5: Enter Bank Details
  • Step 6: Upload your documents - PAN, Bank Details and Signature. If PAN fetch is successful and Bank details are verified correctly then upload only signature. Upload Income proof like 6 month bank statement as Derivatives proof. Derivatives proof is optional and not mandatory
  • Step 7: Select New demat account or link existing one
  • Step 8: Select nominee for your demat account with complete details of the Nominee
  • Step 9: Complete your profile by entering your personal details - Marital Status, Education Qualification, Father’s Name
  • Step 10: Enter your financial details - Occupation, source of income, Annual Income and Country of Birth
  • Step 11: Select brokerage Plan (Neo or Prime)
  • Step 12: Take a quick selfie for the photo requirement. Make sure to look directly into the webcam with good lighting on your face. Please avoid wearing glasses or Hat
  • Step 13: Complete E-sign - Aadhaar Number followed by OTP
  • Step 14: Complete KRA E-sign - Aadhaar Number followed by OTP (Not required if the user is KRA verified)

Post e-verification account will be active basis exchange approval and other regulatory requirements. The account will be opened within 48 working hours, and an email with the user ID will be sent. If the mobile number is not linked with the Aadhaar, the offline process of account opening to be followed