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Introducing Breeze API (Beta)

Build, backtest, and trade your strategy in live markets at zero cost with the most secure and simple to use API from ICICIdirect: Breeze. Create your own trading platforms, get access to historical data, and streaming OHLC to model your strategies accurately, or securely connect your favourite trading platforms! Breeze API has it all!

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Why Choose Breeze API

Free Of Charge

No charges at all to connect your systems, create apps, or access historical data.

Historical Data

Only Breeze gives 3 years of second level LTP data. This allows you to model your strategies more accurately, and hence backtest your strategy’s entries, exits, stoploss, and other triggers far more accurately.

Live Streaming OHLC

Breeze is the only API that gives streaming OHLC data so that strategies that are written around Historical OHLC can be simply taken live without the need to implement parallel processing data handling functions

Historical Derivatives Data

11 + (Eleven) years of Futures and Options historical data which is not provided by any other broker

Triple secure data

Breeze has SSL + (App Key, Secret Key) encryption + Checksum encryption of the whole data package so no amount of sniffing or hacking can reveal client data to the wannabe hacker. Breeze is the only retail API in India has this feature.

Lowest Brokerage Plans

No charges at all to connect your systems, creating apps or for access to the historical data.

Lowest Brokerage Plans


ICICIdirect NEO brokerage plan allows you to trade in Futures at zero brokerage


for both buying and selling and has unlimited validity.


per order for all your Options trades

With ICICI Direct Neo Brokerage plan

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The rate limit is 100 calls per minute and 5,000 calls per day!

Yes, Breeze allows you to use Options Chain API, where in a single API call you can get entire chain with OHLC prices, Open Interest, Volume and much more and lets you filter the chain by expiry date, right or strike price

Breeze API is the next-gen Trading API from ICICIdirect with an array of unique features to provide you with a competitive advantage. With the help of Breeze API you can, but not restricted to:

- Connect your trading system to our secure and super fast platform

- Backtest your trades with our data rich APIs

- Create and execute your strategies seamlessly

- Utilize our Trading APIs to get live feed and historical data of any listed instrument

In order to connect to Breeze API, you need to have an account with ICICIdirect. Create your account here: https://isecuat1.icicidirect.com/open-account/mobile?id_source=ICICIdirect&id_medium=futures-and-options&id_campaign=OAO2.0&id_content=header
After this, visit https://api.icicidirect.com/apiuser/home and login with your ICICIdirect credentials. Now, you can create your Apps and use all the features of Breeze API

There is no cost or fees which customer needs to pay to access Breeze API or the data which we provide. All ICICIdirect customers can use Breeze API and create Apps free of all charges.

After successfully registering your App on Breeze login page, the API key and Secret Key should be available in the view Apps section in the homapage. Generate a session token for the respective App. Plug all 3 App credentials (API key, Secret Key and Session Token) in the Breeze API endpoint and start using the API. Please refer to our articles to see the step wise process

1. https://www.icicidirect.com/futures-and-options/api/breeze/article/introduction-to-trading-apis-and-how-to-start-using-breezeapi

2. https://www.icicidirect.com/futures-and-options/api/breeze/article/what-is-a-session-key-and-how-to-generate-it-for-using-breezeapi

At present, we have made available Stocks and Derivatives (F&O) trading through Breeze API. All the order types for the two segments are allowed except for Margin Plus.

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