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Why Choose Breeze API

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Free Of Charge

No charges at all to connect your systems, creating apps or for access to the historical data..

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Historical 1 Second Data

Only Breeze gives 3 years of second level LTP data. This allows clients to model their strategies more accurately and in the process backtest their strategies far more accurately.

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Live Streaming OHLC

Breeze is the only one that gives streaming OHLC data so that strategies that are written around Historical OHLC data can be simply taken live without the need to change the data handling functions.

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Historical Derivatives Data

3 years of Futures and Options historical data which is not provided by any other broker.

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Triple secure data

Breeze has SSL + (App Key, Secret Key) encryption + Checksum encryption of the whole data package so no amount of sniffing or hacking can reveal client data to the wannabe hacker. Breeze is the only retail API in India has this feature.

ICICI direct

Lowest Brokerage Plans

No charges at all to connect your systems, creating apps or for access to the historical data.

How to download historical data using Breeze API Python SDK

Of late, a plethora of trading APIs that facilitate automated trading have popped up in Indian market. One of the main benefits of using a Trading API to formulate your trading strategies is that it provides a way to test your strategy on historical data. Historical data helps traders do a scenario analysis for their strategies and backtest them, which is one of the most important steps in creating an automated trading system. Backtesting gives the traders a chance to optimise their portfolio and also indicate how their strategy might perform in the future, assuming market conditions do not change a lot.

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What is a Session Key and how to generate it for using Breeze API?

A session key is a temporary key that is only used once, during one stretch of time, for encrypting and decrypting data. This is similar to One Time Passwords (OTP) that have to be generated once in the morning to login, and help in encrypting a communication session for each app separately. This key or token expires in 24 hours after generation or at midnight.

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Introduction to Trading APIs and How to start using Breeze API

Suppose you have worked out a trading strategy which you believe should make good profits in the market. But before you run it in real time, wouldn’t you like to see all the unusual scenarios wherein your strategy might act up? This is typical of any critical product/process, which is tested under multiple scenarios to check the robustness of the system. Same applies to the universe of algorithmic trading.

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How to create charts using Breeze API data?

You might have seen a few articles from our side highlighting the many use-cases of Breeze API. In our relentless pursuit of making you aware of the multi-fold ways of using the data, let us focus on charts as well. If you’re a trader or even a beginner in the field of markets, you must have seen technical charts of markets. 

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Where to manually find list of stock codes for Breeze API

To start exploring the multiple features of Breeze API, one would need to enter certain parameters for a successful output. 

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