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An excellent way to diversify your portfolio while maximising the potential to create long-term wealth is to invest in an IPO, or Initial Public Offering.

If you are looking to invest in an IPO instantly, you can take a look at the current IPO list given below.





IPO is the process by which a private company goes public by offering its shares to the general public for the first time. When a company launches an IPO, it sells its shares to the public in the primary market and the investors apply for these shares. After an IPO, the shares of the company are listed on the stock exchanges and are publicaly available for trading. There can be many reasons for a company to launch an IPO, but usually, it is done to raise capital for business growth and expansion.

How to apply for an IPO?

You can apply for an ongoing IPO easily by following the process given below:

  • Step 1: Log in to your IDirect account and locate the ‘IPO Section’. Select the ‘Place Order’ option. 
  • Step 2: Pick the IPO you want to apply for from the given list and hit ‘Go’.
  • Step 3: You can set the cut-off price and add the number of shares you want to apply for. Hit ‘Submit’.
  • Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions and click on ‘Confirm’.
  • Step 5: Enter the UPI Id and approve the UPI mandate.

Upcoming IPO FAQs

Before you invest in any Upcoming IPO in India, you must consider the following factors:

  • Check the company’s background to see how it has performed financially over the years.
  • Make sure to understand the company’s future prospects and why they are choosing to come out with an IPO.
  • Take the time to determine the company’s valuation and fundamentals. You must do a competitive analysis of the company with its peers in the same industry.
  • Always read the prospectus and look at all the details of the company to make an informed decision.

As you look at the list of current IPOs to buy, you must also be aware of the different kinds of IPOs available. They are as follows:

  • Fixed price Issue: Here, the company’s financials are evaluated and considered to fix a price per issue. This fixed per-issue price is printed in the order document along with a justification for the same. 
  • Book Building Issue: In a Book Building IPO the price is discovered during the IPO process. While there is no fixed price, there is a fixed price band with the lowest price referred to as the ‘floor price’ and the highest price known as the ‘ceiling price’. 

Any individual can apply to invest in an IPO as long as they are an adult who is capable of entering into a legal contract. You need to have a PAN to apply for an IPO.

Yes, you need a demat account to invest in an IPO. If you plan to sell the IPO shares purchased, you will also require a trading account.