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An IPO, also known as an Initial Public Offering, is the process when a private company sells its shares to the general public first time. After an IPO, the private company becomes a publicly listed company. Not only does this process help a company raise capital, but it is also a good investment option for investors.

A record number of IPOs were launched in the Indian market in 2022. The IPOs also witnessed heavy investor participation leading to massive fund raising by Indian companies. As an investor, you can keep an eye out for upcoming IPOs in India and weigh the risks and benefits to make an investment decision.

The year 2023 is also likely to see similar forward momentum in the primary markets. Here is a forthcoming IPO list that you can consider.


IPO Name Issue Size (In Cr.) Lot Size Price Band () Face Value Open Date Close Date
JSW Infrastructure Ltd 2800 113-119 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Updater Services Ltd 624 280-300 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Digikore Studios Ltd 29.94 168-171 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Arabian Petroleum Ltd 20.24 70 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Newjaisa Technologies Ltd 37.38 44-47 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Inspire Films Ltd 20.15 56-59 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Saakshi Medtech & Panels Ltd 42.84 92-97 Sep 25, 2023 Sep 27, 2023
Sunita Tools Ltd 22.04 145 Sep 26, 2023 Sep 28, 2023
Goyal Salt Ltd 17.65 36-38 Sep 26, 2023 Sep 29, 2023
Kontor Space Ltd 15.62 93 Sep 27, 2023 Sep 29, 2023
Canarys Automations Ltd 44 29-31 Sep 27, 2023 Oct 03, 2023
Vinyas Innovative Technologies Ltd 53.67 162-165 Sep 27, 2023 Oct 03, 2023
E Factor Experiences Ltd 24.54 71-75 Sep 27, 2023 Oct 03, 2023
OneClick Logistics India Ltd 9.91 99 Sep 27, 2023 Oct 03, 2023
Valiant Laboratories Ltd 144.84 133-140 Sep 27, 2023 Oct 03, 2023

Upcoming IPO FAQs

IPOs provide investors with an opportunity for long-term wealth creation. Purchasing shares in an IPO allows you to invest in assets that have the potential to appreciate over time.

After launching an IPO, the shares of the company are easily available for trading in the secondary market, thus increasing the liquidity of the shares. Over time you can also benefit from added perks like bonus shares or dividends.

Yes, today you can easily bid for an upcoming IPO online. You can do so by using the services offered by IDirect that enable you to invest in upcoming IPOs quickly and conveniently.

Before you invest in any forthcoming IPO in India, you must consider the following factors:

  • Check the company’s background to see how it has performed financially over the years.
  • Make sure to understand the company’s future prospects and why they are choosing to come out with an IPO.
  • Take the time to determine the company’s valuation and fundamentals. You must do a competitive analysis of the company with its peers in the same industry.
  • Always read the prospectus and look at all the details of the company to make an informed decision.