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May 17, 2022







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BSE 100 constitutes 101 stocks with total market cap 16,759,127.07,Cr.

Index Constituents

Other Indices

Nifty Next 50 39047.75
45290.80 36555.85
Nifty Bank 34301.90
41829.60 32155.35
Nifty 50 16259.30
18604.45 14884.90
Nifty 100 16498.50
18870.70 15142.45
BSE Small-Cap 26318.08
31304.44 22721.11
BSE Sensex 54318.47
62245.43 49496.78
BSE Mid-Cap 22700.87
27246.34 21029.14
BSE 100 16622.35
18926.88 15166.57

BSE Top 100 Companies

The S&P BSE 100 is a price-sensitive stock index designed to measure the performance of stocks of the top 100 most liquid companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The stocks forming part of S&P BSE 100 belong to S&P BSE's Large to MidCap category. 

The BSE 100 index is calculated in Indian Rupees. The index consists of float-adjusted stocks (float-adjusted means considering only shares available for investors and not held by other companies or the government). The S&P BSE 100 index was launched in January 1989, but the base year for BSE 100 is taken as the financial year 1983-84, with a base value of 100 points.

The list of BSE 100 companies is revised semi-annually in December and June every year. The BSE 100 companies are selected based on the following criteria-

  1. The constituent (i.e., company) should be a member of S&P BSE LargeMidCap
  2. The selection is based on the free-float market cap
  3. The weightage of the companies is based on the constituent's float-adjusted market capitalization
  4. The company should have a minimum annualized traded value of greater than or equal to 10 billion. Here, annualizing means converting a value from a short-term calculation or rate to an annual rate.
  5. The BSE 100 companies are selected based on their rankings. The list is obtained as a combination of their liquidity and market capitalization.

History of S&P BSE 100 index

The S&P BSE 100 index was formerly called the BSE National Index. The index was launched in 1989. As per the 2021 data, the S&P BSE 100 index covers over 60% of the market capitalization out of the total market cap of listed companies on BSE. In the year 1999, the BSE 100 index became the S&P BSE 100 index. The S&P BSE 100 index tracks the stock performance of the top 100 companies listed on BSE. As of the year 2021, the S&P BSE 100 index reflects almost two-thirds of the market capitalization out of the total market cap of BSE. The computation methodology of the S&P BSE 100 index also shifted with time. The free-float method was adopted with effect from 5th April 2004.


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