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ICICIdirect brings to you a variety of Trading Tools which you can use in the F&O Market. Explore from the various Tools like i-Track, Payoff Analyzer and much more

  • i-Track

  • Advance Charts

  • Payoff Analyzer

  • F&O Insights @ Fingertips


We are delighted to present iTrack, a comprehensive and personalised tool.


With iTrack, you will be able to make more informed decisions with more Derivatives market data like insights on your Open Positions, Live streaming charts, ability to place orders from charts, Options Greeks, Pay off Analyzer, Moving Averages and much more, all of which is customized to your open positions.

Features available with i-Track

ICICI direct

Live streaming Advance Charts

Get live data at stock or contract level and use as many chart styles as you need

ICICI direct

Payoff Analyser

Get personalised payoff charts for the day and the nearest expiry of your open positions

ICICI direct

Moving Average

View the moving average for 5, 20,50 and even 200 days

ICICI direct

Implied Volatility

View the Implied volatility of a contract on the same page

ICICI direct

Greek Values

View the Delta, Gamma, Vega and Thota of any contract

ICICI direct

Open Interest (OI)

Gauge contract activity as per previous day and current day OI

ICICI direct

Put Call Ratio (PCR)

Assess the outlook of the market

i-Track Videos


One Click Investment


i-Track is a new feature which provides detailed data about your Open Positions in FNO.
i-Track can be found under the tab 'Open Positions' of the FNO Segment. After opening this tab, simply click on the '+' symbol next to the contract which has an open position. It shall look like this: FUT-ACC-26-NOV-2020 [+]. Upon clicking '+' a drop down menu shall showcase i-Track.
i-Track has several tracking features which help in assessing Open Positions data for Derivatives customers. They are: Live Streaming with advanced charts, Payoff Analyser, Moving Average, Implied Volatility, Greek Values, Open Interest and Put Call Ratio.
i-Track helps derivatives customer to have real-time data on their open positions and also makes use of various tools to analyse their open positions and thus take quick decisions.
Live Streaming charts give live update on the contract along with the ability to place orders directly. You can also analyse your position with 100+ tools such as RSI, Bollinger Bands etc.
Payoff Analyser provides the estimated payoff for any contract which you are holding for that day and also for the day of expiry. This helps in analysing what is the estimated P&L for a position and take appropriate decisions.
This feature provides constantly updated average price of the contract which is currently being held to smooth out any price fluctuations. The average can be taken over different time periods like 5, 20, 50, 200 days.
Implied Volatility measures the expected volatility of a contract till its expiry. Implied Volatility depends on the supply/demand of the underlying and the market expectation of the price which influences the premium. With i-Track you can directly measure your open positions' Implied Volatility and thus premium levels.
Option Greeks measure various factors that influence the premium of an Option Contract. They are:
a) Delta: Measures rate of change of Options premium based on the change in the price of the underlying stock or index
b) Gamma: Measures rate of change of Delta
c) Vega: Measures rate of change of premium based on change in volatility
d) Theta: Measures change in premium based on time left for expiry
e) Rho: Measures change in options premium basis change in Interest Rates
Open Interest measures the number of Open Contracts which are there in the Market. This measures the level of activity for the contract held by you and help assess if the contract is being actively bought or sold.
Put Call Ratio is used to analyse the sentiment/mood of the market. With PCR Ratio, you can check if the sentiment for the contract held by you is bearish or bullish.

Advance Charts


Live Streaming Advanced Chart with Place Order facility is now available for all segments on ICICIdirect.com and the Mobile App. To view Advanced Chart, select the chart icon next to the Stock or Contract which will bring you to the Live streaming chart. Various functionalities such as:

  • Ability to Select Time Interval – 1 Min, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month
  • Customise your Chart theme as per your requirement from personalized to also Night and Day
  • You can also draw your studies on the Chart with the Draw Function
  • Share your chart with its studies with your friends or colleagues
  • Advance Live Streaming Charts is also available on the ICICIdirect Mobile App

Salient Features of Advance Charts are

ICICI direct

Place Order from Charts

You have the ability to Buy/Sell from Live Streaming Charts

ICICI direct


More than 100 studies available such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, Moving Average etc

ICICI direct

Chart Preference

Various Chart Styles such as Scatterplot, Volume Candle etc

ICICI direct

Live Streaming Charts

Real time updated live streaming charts

ICICI direct

Multiple Charts Feature

Ability to compare 2 or 4 different stock charts in one page

Advance Charts Videos

Payoff Analyzer


For Options traders, the continuous tracking of their open position and P&L associated with it is quite important. Since options premium movements are not linear to market movements, estimating the P&L at different levels of market is always difficult for the customers. For that we have Options Payoff analyser with Advanced Analytics.

  • Estimate the payoff for all levels of your position
  • Check the payoffs on graph or table format
  • Export to excel for in-depth analysis
  • Create dummy positions for testing
  • Adjust parameters like range, scenarios etc

Features available under Options Payoff Analyzer with Advanced Analytics

ICICI direct

Get the Payoff at different levels of the underlying within a range.

ICICI direct

Track your Open Positions Payoff for Multi-Leg Positions considering Net P&L for combined position.

ICICI direct

Analyze your strategies by adding or deleting dummy positions for better risk and reward.

ICICI direct

Can estimate Options Premium using Black-Scholes model

ICICI direct

Get the estimated Premium with Implied Volatility, Time Duration, Spot Price etc.

F&O Insights @ Fingertips


Get all the Analytical Data that you shall ever need for Futures and Options. Variety of Data Points available to make fast decisions in the Market such as – Heatmaps, Updated News, F&O Market and Trends, OI and Premiums Data etc. Check highest Price Gainers and Losers, Open Interest Gainers and Losers across various sectors like Metal, FMCG and many more. Event Calendar, Global Indices, Intraday Deals, FII, Trends and many more data points are available with F&O Insights @ Fingertips. Also get Charts and Screeners to find important information fast such as Pivot, Resistance and Support Watch and Volume Watch etc.

Features Available

ICICI direct

Real Time Trending News

Real time trending news from the web, government wires, news wires, blogs and Twitter. Get news sentiment and velocity to know the news points making an impact in the market.

ICICI direct

Ratings and Market Pulse

Quickly scan what is getting the attention of Investors and Investment Houses. Receive rating alerts, portfolio updates, big trades, analyst and brokerage updates; all in real time.

ICICI direct

Price HeatMap

One-click market snapshots of Long-Short Built-up, Volume, Volatility etc. will pack you with the smartest insights and intuitions of the market course and trend recognition

ICICI direct

Company Dashboard

Get a whole new picture of the company activity on the Dashboard. Right from Company News, algorithm-generated alerts, Option movement, unusual activity to Company Research Report – you find all that there is worth knowing about the company on this screen.