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  • Instant pay-out on your stocks sold (eATM)
  • Up to 84% brokerage reduction in Delivery Segment
  • Reduced rates in Futures & Options
  • Access to research content
  Prime Plan () Total Amount with GST () Scheme Validity (Days) Delivery Brokerage Rates (%) Prime brokerage on Futures (%) Prime Brokerage on Options (Per lot) eATM Limit
1999 2359 365 0.50 0.035 50 50 Lac
3999 4719 365 0.35 0.030 40 1 Cr
7999 9439 365 0.30 0.025 30 1 Cr
11999 14159 365 0.20 0.020 25 1 Cr

Note - Brokerage of 0.15% shall be applicable on Physical Delivery of F&O contracts irrespective of brokerage plan


  • Login to your ICICIdirect.com account
  • Visit Settings – My Brokerage Plan section – Choose the plan or Click here to subscribe
  • In case you are unable to see the link for selecting ICICIdirect Prime Plan in this section, please call our NRI Customer Care number to enable the link

Terms and conditions of ICICIdirect Prime Annual Membership plan

  • This Prime plan is available only to Non-Resident individuals
  • Below are the Prime plan details:
      Prime Plan () Total Amount with GST () Scheme Validity (Days) Delivery Brokerage Rates (%) Savings in Delivery Brokerage Rates (as compared to I-Secure) Prime brokerage on Futures (%) Prime Brokerage on Options (Per lot) eATM Limit
    1999 2359 365 0.50 60% 0.035 50 50 Lac
    3999 4719 365 0.35 72% 0.030 40 1 Cr
    7999 9439 365 0.30 76% 0.025 30 1 Cr
    11999 14159 365 0.20 84% 0.020 25 1 Cr
  • GST @ 18% would be applicable on the fee of Prime plan.
  • Rs.20/- plus GST would be charged towards demat charges for each debit instruction from your demat account for your sale obligations
  • Brokerage on intraday trades in Futures and Options will be the same for both legs.
  • Minimum brokerage in Delivery segment will be Rs.75 or 2.5% of turnover, whichever is lower; in SEP segment, it will be Rs.10 or 2.5% of turnover
  • Transaction slabs per trade upto which minimum brokerage will be charged are mentioned in the below table. If transaction value per trade is above the mentioned slabs, brokerage rates as respective Prime plan will be charged
    Following is the minimum brokerage charged
    Prime Plan in (₹) Delivery Segment SEP
    Transaction upto in (in ₹) Brokerage Transaction upto in (₹) Brokerage
    in (₹) or in % in (₹) or in %
    1,999 15,000 ₹ 75 or 2.5% whichever is lower 2,000 ₹ 10 or 2.5% whichever is lower
    3,999 21,429 2,857
    7,999 25,000 3,333
    11,999 37,500 5,000
  • Brokerage for Dated Government securities (other than bearer securities) or treasury bills, Units of domestic mutual funds, Bonds issued by a public sector undertaking (PSU) in India, Shares in Public Sector Enterprises being disinvested by the Government of India, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Convertible debenture, will be same as per cash brokerage rate in Prime plan
  • In case of sell of bonds, NCDs, brokerage will be same as per cash brokerage rate in Prime plan - Applicable in case of conversion of residential status of the client from Resident to NRI and stated instrument(s) was/were bought by the client through I-Direct platform when the client’s residential status was of Resident.
  • You will have access to research content / research report provided under Prime Plan which will be made available on our website. Unless you are a GCC, you will not be entitled to receive research contents / Research reports on your registered email, mobile, address, online logged-in section etc. due to various regulatory restrictions in soliciting business in different jurisdictions.
  • There will be no change in the statutory charges levied. Statutory charges will be levied on all trades. You can also view these charges on our website www.icicidirect.com under Home > Pricing Section.
  • Please note the subscription fee paid towards Prime Plan is non-refundable after free look period of 15 days.
  • If you have availed free look period once in Prime plan, then it will not be available for any of your subsequent subscriptions.
  • Your Prime plan will be auto renewed by default. You may choose to opt out of auto renewal.
  • In case of Prime plan upgrade, the fees paid for the earlier prime plan (exclusive of GST) would be arrived on a prorata basis, based on number of days availed and the balance unutilized Prime amount of the earlier plan will be adjusted against the new upgraded Prime plan fee (exclusive of GST).
  • Renewed validity will be applicable from the date of upgrade of Prime plan
  • Please note for the period lapsed in your existing Prime plan, brokerage will not be refunded / recalculated on the upgraded new Prime plan
  • Under no circumstances refund of GST and other statutory charges will be made
  • Cash Brokerage shall be levied for Orders placed in OFS and Buyback apart from all other statutory charges
  • In case you close your Trading Account before the completion of Subscription period, the Prime plan amount will not be refunded.
  • The Prime plan amount selected by you will be debited from your linked bank account along with applicable GST thereon from free balance.
  • If the debit fails due to insufficient funds, then the debit process will be reattempted for the next 6 working days till it is successful. If the debit is not successful by the 7th day then you would need to visit www.icicidirect.com to re-subscribe the plan.
  • All existing customer will continue to be mapped in the same plan on renewal. You may choose to upgrade to any of our higher value plans by visiting www.icicidirect.com
  • In case if your bank account is dormant, then payment towards your subscription plan will fail. In such cases you would need to contact the Bank and share the required updated details to revoke the dormancy status
  • This Prime Plan is not directed or intended to or use by or offer to, any person who is a citizen or resident of or located in any locality, state, country or other jurisdiction, where such offering or use would be contrary to law, regulation or which would subject I-Sec and affiliates to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction.
  • I-Sec reserves the right to modify any of the above conditions after giving prior notice of the same to customers
  • Trades executed in Cash and F&O segment through Call N Trade or through your RM / Advisors will be charged brokerage as per your Prime plan.

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