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Prime Brokerage Services In India

Experience the revolutionary ICICI Direct Prime plans with a significantly enhanced and powerful proposition. You can get lower brokerage of upto 0.07% along with payout within 5 minutes on selling of shares and also interest rates as low as 9.69% when you buy stocks today and pay for them later.

Prime Brokerage Key Benefits

Pay less buy more

More than 50% reduction in brokerage

Cashless trading

Payout within 5 minutes on selling of shares

Cashless trading

Buy stock and pay later at just 9.69% p.a.

Prime Brokerage Plan Detail

Prime Plan (Rs.) 299
Cash % 0.25 0.22 0.18 0.15 0.1 0.07
Margin % 0.025 0.022 0.018 0.015 0.01 0.007
Futures % 0.025 0.022 0.018 0.015 0.01 0.007
Options (Per lot)(Rs.) 35 35 25 20 10 7
Currency & Commodity (Futures and options) Rs.20 per order
Special MTF Interest rates (Yearly) % 20.49 20.49 16.49 16.49 9.69 9.69

18% GST will be applicable on the Prime Plan amount. The validity of prime 299 plan will be one year and all other plan subscribed from 10-02-2022 will be Lifetime. Trades executed in Currency & commodity segment through Call N Trade or through your RM/ Advisors will be charged additional Rs.50/- per order.


ICICIdirect Prime benefits

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I am working on the Prime 2999 plan. Recently it got extended for one more year. I am quite happy with the terms of this Plan and find it very competitive. The services rendered and MIS are also good. Overall it is working fine with me. I am particularly happy with the interest rates (16.49% p.a.) which are charged to me on Margin Buying.

– Maneesh Jain


I opted for PRIME brokerage plan, which helped me to save lot of money on brokerage. The Instant payout option built in this plan has been extremely helpful a number of times when I had shortage of cash. This has helped me to trade more frequently in share market.

– VK Kansal


After opting for ICICIdirect Prime plan, I have now started trading more with ICICIdirect as the current brokerage is less than earlier days. Apart from that few new facilities such as the Instant pay out facility, reduced Margin trading interest rates that are added recently, have also made their proposition stronger.

- Raja Periyakaruppan


Prime is a valuable plan because it’s a yearly offering and its doesn't end up blocking your capital. The facility of Instant payout on selling shares and exclusive research makes it an even more stronger offering. It is a win-win situation & a value proposition.

– Sushila Aggarwal


5.I am a derivative trader and also a Prime customer, with the reduced brokerage in Futures and flat Rs.20 brokerage in Options/option plus, the breakeven point for my trades get reduced giving better flexibility.

– Dheeraj Kumar

FAQs on trading Account

  • Payout within 5 mins of upto Rs 1 cr on selling shares.
  • Penny stock brokerage charged at prime brokerage rates
  • Buy stock and pay later at just 9.69% p.a. with Margin Trading funding
  • Under new Prime plan customers would be levied Demat charges of Rs.20/- for each debit instruction on sale obligations, irrespective of the transaction value.
  • In intraday trades in derivatives both legs will be charged as per the brokerage rate applicable in the prime plan

Login – click on Settings – My brokerage Plan – choose Prime brokerage plan. Snapshot attached for your reference


Click here to Subscribe for ICICIdirect Prime

faq 3

Choose from the Prime Plan available

faq 3

If the Prime selection is done before 3.30PM on any trading day, the prime will get activated on same day on successful debit of funds. If the Prime selection is done on post 3.30 PM it will get enabled for customers on the next trading day.

No. you are not required to allocate money for Prime. The fund needs to be available in the free balance i.e. net withdrawal balance in the customer’s linked bank account. The money will be debited from the customers linked account.

The plan amount + GST of 18% should be available. E.g. for a 299 plan Rs 352.82 (299 + 53.82) should be available in customer’s account. If the required amount is not available in the customer’s account the debit will fail and Prime will not be activated. The customer will have to select Prime again

The validity of prime 299 plan will be one year and all other plan subscribed from 10-02-2022 will be lifetime.

Auto Renewal is only available for Prime 299 plan. The auto-renewal is by default selected as “Yes” for the customer. Thus, after completion of 1 year, system will debit the Prime amount of Rs.299 + GST from the customer’s account and renew it for another 1 year and so on. Auto renewal is not available for Prime 999 plan and above plans since the validity of these plans is Lifetime.

Yes, the auto renewal option can be cancelled anytime during the validity of the plan by logging into the account and visiting Prime selection page. On the bottom, the customer will be able to see an option to “Disable Auto renewal”. (As shown in snapshot below)

faq 9

Prime plan 299 have free look period of 7 days.

DP charges are levied when a customer sells the shares from demat account. It is charge to be paid to the Depositories and Depository participants. In new Prime on selling a share from demat account, there will be a DP charges of Rs 20 on every debit instruction. This is inclusive of the NSDL or CDSL charges. This will be debited from the linked bank account whenever there is a sell transaction.  E.g If customer has Tata Motors share in his demat and he sells the same. A flat Rs 20 would be levied irrespective of the trade value. In case the customer is selling Tata motors multiple times during the day, there will only be a single debit instruction and only Rs 20 will be charged. On other hand if the customer sells 2 different stocks of different companies on same day, then there will be 2 debit instructions and Rs 20*2 = Rs 40 will be levied.

Currently Quant Pick for Prime clients and Gladiator Stocks will be available as exclusive Prime research to Prime customers only and they will get an email of these recommendations as and when there is a new recommendation under these recommendations