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Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA)

  • IRRA is a common cloud-based platform jointly provided by all Exchanges to investors when trading services of stock brokers are affected due to technical glitches and unforeseen outages
  • IRRA will be activated only in case of an unforeseen contingency

Which activity customer can perform using the IRRA?

  • ONLY square off/close open positions or cancel open orders
  • VIEW Net position screen
  • CANNOT place fresh orders or create fresh positions
  • Securities in Trade to Trade (T2T) will not be available for square off

Who can access the IRRA?

  • Retail customers
  • Not available for Algo trading and Institutional clients

How to access the IRRA platform?

  • You can access the IRRA platform from the following link: https://login.irra.live/stocks/jsp/irra/
  • Mobile Application Link (AppStore) - Search IRRA to download IRRA Mobile App.
  • Mobile Application Link (Play Store) - Search IRRA to download IRRA Mobile App.