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5 Effective Tips to Get Your Home Loan Approved Instantly

1 Mins 28 May 2024 0 COMMENT
instant loan approval

Acquiring your dream house has become a much more straightforward process in today's world. However, there are a few home loan approval tips you need to remember in order to get your loan approved quickly. This requires understanding the application process and borrower eligibility and comparing lenders to get the best deals. Some institutions even provide the facility to check your eligibility using a home loan EMI calculator. However, there are many intricacies involved in taking a loan that goes beyond the basics. In this article, we will discuss how to get quick approval on a home loan.

5 Things to Do to Improve Home Loan Eligibility

1. Knowing Your Credit Score

A strong credit score is crucial for securing loan approval, an aspect often overlooked by many prospective homebuyers before applying for a home loan. Should credit scores dip below the required threshold, lenders have the right to reject mortgage loan applications. In addition, a history of missed payments or delays in settling debts can halt home loan processing. To circumvent any last-minute issues, maintaining a high credit score, ensuring bills are paid promptly, and reducing debt levels are essential steps.

2. Start Saving Up

If you're considering taking a home loan, it's crucial to begin saving early to increase your down payment. Aiming for a higher down payment can significantly reduce your loan amount and also help you build a substantial savings fund for future financial needs.

3. Do Not Quit Your Job

Maintaining steady employment throughout the loan is essential. It's particularly advantageous for both partners to remain employed and consider taking out a joint loan. Besides the tax advantages this strategy offers, any change in employment status can significantly impact your loan. Accepting a lower-paying job or leaving employment altogether can disrupt the entire loan process. Lenders may reassess your financial situation and your qualification for the loan, potentially jeopardizing your approval.

4. Paying Off Your Old Debts

Having less debt can significantly increase your chances of getting a home loan easily. Lenders assess your debt-to-income ratio to determine the loan amount you qualify for. Holding multiple credit cards or carrying substantial debt could reduce your likelihood of securing a home loan or result in a lower loan amount but a higher interest rate when loan is approved.

5. Applying For A Pre-Approved Loan

Getting a pre-approved home loan sanction can help you establish a good reputation with both builders and the financial institution. When negotiating with builders, they tend to take you more seriously as they see that you are committed to the purchase. Similarly, for the institution, only needs to evaluate the property papers, making it easier to secure a home loan approval.


In conclusion, securing a home loan approval quickly hinges on a few critical actions: maintaining a strong credit score, starting your savings early for a larger down payment, staying employed, reducing existing debts, and considering a pre-approved loan. These steps not only enhance your eligibility but also streamline the loan process, bringing you closer to owning your dream home.