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How does ICICIdirect Trade API Work

ICICIdirect Application Programming Interface (API) is what you can use to build custom application basis your personal trading requirements. The ICICIdirect APIs can be used to place and execute orders, view open positions, search stocks and contracts, check your portfolio and holding and much more. Best in class speed and seamless execution for connecting all your applications, sign up today to experience ICICIdirect API.

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ICICI direct
ICICI direct
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API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API allows a third party application to use a common set of services via a defined interface.

Build your own trading platform - Connect to ICICIdirect platforms intuitive and advance tools & features with ICICIdirect API and build your own platform to trade seamlessly

Build your own strategy and launch it – Create your own strategy and launch it through ICICIdirect API

Do Back Testing – Check if your logic is correct with efficient back testing process with ICICIdirect API

You need to register yourself on developer console https://api.icicidirect.com/apiuser/reguserlogin.

Once registered you are free to use the API as per the documentation available at https://api.icicidirect.com/apiuser/ICICIDirectAPIDOC.htm.

Our API works via OAuth 2.0. OAuth is an authentication protocol. For more information, please visit oauth.net.

ICICIdirect API is for all Traders who want to implement their own trading strategy, for all Start-ups who want to have the ICICIdirect Advantage to build innovative solutions for trading and for all platforms and websites who work in the investing landscape to use provide added benefits to their customers. (Please write to talkapi@icicisecurities.com to know more)

To create and deploy your own trading strategy or to create your own new trading platform, you can make use of ICICIdirect API.

To use ICICIdirect API, you need to be a ICICIdirect Customer. After becoming a customer follow the steps here to start:

  • User will need to come and register on ICICI direct developer portal. User will need to input below fields:
    • App Name
    • Registered URL
    • Redirect URL
  • After this user will create AppKey and client_secret which will be unique to app.
  • All requests need to have parameter of AppKey , Checksum and Timestamp.

ICICIdirect API is absolutely free of cost for all of ICICIdirect customers. To create an account with ICICIdirect, click here

Our API are REST apiAPI, so they are compatible with all the languages such as Go, Python, R, Node etc

REST (Representational State Transfer) is a simple stateless architecture i.e. each operation is entirely defined by the information sent to and received from the service. When a web service uses this architecture, it is known as a REST API.

In order to prevent any kind of misuse and make it available to all, the APIs are rate limited i.e. the number of API requests from a user is limited.

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