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ICICI Securities Ltd is a technology-based firm offering a wide range of financial services including investment banking, institutional broking, retail broking, private wealth management, and financial product distribution.

ICICI Securities sees its role as 'Creating Informed Access to the Wealth of the Nation' for its diversified set of clients that include corporates, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals and retail investors.


Over 5 million customers

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Benefits of NRI Account with ICICI Direct

Seamless and paperless investment

Invest in Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, IPO and trade in Futures & Options from your ICICIdirect account seamlessly and without paperwork

Cashless trading

Single login access

Use a single user ID and password to access your ICICIdirect account for investments with NRO / NRE funds in primary and secondary markets

Pay less buy more

Automated capital gain tax settlement

The pay-out will be credited in your NRO/NRE bank account post deduction of applicable tax

Cashless trading

Offsetting of losses

Your short term losses will be adjusted against your future profits in the same financial year to minimize your tax deducted at source

Cashless trading

Real time portfolio tracking

By enabling auto alerts on the mobile app you can keep a track of your investment and make informed decisions on your portfolio

Cashless trading

All-inclusive pricing

This includes brokerage along with overhead costs such as repatriation, TDS settlement and PIS reporting charges

NRI Account Architecture

ICICIdirect offers you a combination of bank – demat – trading account all linked together for a seamless and paperless investment experience
Access your ICICIdirect accounts with single login for investments in primary and secondary markets with NRE and NRO funds


For buying & selling shares in Indian Stock Exchanges.



For Selling of shares bought in IPO or as a Resident and Investment into Mutual Funds. ETF trading


Futures & Options Trading

Value Added Features

  • Systematic Investment Plan (SEP)

    Systematic Equity Plan (SEP) allows you to invest a pre-specified sum of money or buy a pre - specified quantity of shares in a consistent manner. Adding to your portfolio on a regular basis helps you unleash the power of compounding and achieve your financial goals faster.

    You can automate your equity investments by setting up an SEP. You just need to select the stock, the frequency, the duration of SEPs and the rest shall be done by us.

    You can place SEP in stocks handpicked by our research experts, basis their strong balance sheets as well as excellent and reliable performance over the years.

  • Valid Till Cancelled (VTC)

    This feature enables you to place your orders at your desired price, at any day of the week with just a click and you can keep your orders active for up to 45 days. This eliminates the need to login and place a fresh order for the same stock on a daily basis. With this feature NRIs can also beat the time difference to place live orders in the market

  • Price Improvement Order (PIO)

    This feature enables you to get a better price for both your buy and sell orders. PIO helps you place Cash orders along with Stop Loss Trigger Price. The stop loss trigger price gets auto-updated with a movement in the market price and thereby ensures minimum loss. This feature is available on both the exchanges (NSE & BSE).

    Opportunities under this product
    • To gain from the upside in stock with Price Improvement Order while selling stocks using Stop Loss Orders 
    • To buy stock at lower price with Price Improvement Order using Stop Loss Order
  • How does it work? 

    This feature enables gives you a second chance at your order execution

    Opportunities under this product
    • Place your order with 2 prices: Your best price and your next best price which could be market or limit price 
    • If your order does not get executed at your best price throughout the day, the system will auto place an order with your next best price at the end of market hours
    Benefits of Multi-Price Order
    • You have fair chances of getting a stock at a better price than what is available in the market  
    • If you have put the second price as market price, then you can be assured that at the end of the day, you will own the stock 
    • You don't have to manually track the price movement in your stock continuously

Portfolio Investment Scheme (PINS) is a scheme of RBI through which NRIs and PIOs can buy and sell shares and convertible debentures in Indian Stock Exchanges.

Investment in Indian markets can be made only after approval from RBI. Designated Banks are authorized to issue permission on behalf of RBI. ICICI Bank is one of the designated banks for PINS.

NRIs can authorize only one Bank for Portfolio Investment Scheme, and as such can have only one PINS account. Application for PINS to ICICI Bank is made on behalf of the NRI client through the ICICI Direct application form

A NRI or a PIO can have only one PINS approval in India.

Tax needs to be deducted at source. ICICI Direct deducts the Tax before crediting the account Investment in Indian markets can be made only after approval from RBI. Designated Banks are authorized to issue permission on behalf of RBI. ICICI Bank is one of the designated banks for PINS.

Tax applicable as per Income tax law, for current financial year, tax on short term capital gain is 17.94% and long term capital gain is 11.96% for equity transactions. There is different tax rate slab for non-equity transactions. TDS is applicable on all the transactions wherein you have made a profit or capital gain. However there is no TDS deducted if you have incurred a loss on a particular transaction. The rate of TDS depends upon the period of holding. TDS is calculated at @17.94% for Short Term Capital Gains, i.e. gains on holdings less than a year old for equity transactions. Long Term Capital Gains (i.e. gains on holdings more than a year old) are taxed at 11.96% for equity transactions. Short term & Long term capital gains tax is applicable for non-equity transaction depending upon the nature of the securities

You can subscribe to our competitive pricing plans to bring down your cost on transactions to 0.2% saving you 84% on brokerage compared to default NRI brokerage of 1.25%. Subscription to this brokerage plans comes with a 15 year validity to give you freedom to use whenever you want and a flexibility to exit after completion of 1 year of subscription and get a full refund of the unutilized brokerage.

Prepaid card (Rs) Brokerag Savings compared to 1.25%
10,000 0.75% 40%
50,000 0.50% 60%
1,00,000 0.35% 72%
2,00,000 0.30% 75%
3,00,000 0.20% 84%

We understand the importance of choosing the right stock while making investment decisions. To help you choose the right stock, we at ICICIdirect cover 340 Companies and provide you with detailed research reports for your Long term and Short term investment & trading.

Long term investing
  • Equity model portfolio – 3 to 5 year perspective
  • Detailed company reports – 12 to 15 month perspective
  • Others – Muhurat picks and Annual and mid strategy pics
Medium term investing
  • 3 to 6 month perspective
  • Quant picks and gladiator stocks
Short term trading
  • 7 to 30 day perspective
  • Monthly and weekly reports – Technical and derivatives
  • Momentum pick, positional derivatives and volatility insight
Intra-day trading
  • 1 to 3 day perspective
  • Daily calls – Technical, momentum and derivatives
  • Intra-day calls

Open a NRI Idirect account

Documents required to open NRI Idirect account are

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Visa
  • PAN
  • Overseas address proof
  • OCI card (required in case of foreign passport with “Place of Birth” as foreign country)
  • Register for opening an account by creating user ID / password and generate Application Reference Number (ARN)
  • Fill up the online NRI Idirect application
  • Upload self-attested KYC documents
  • Complete verification of uploaded documents on webcam
  • Download and sign the application form pre filled with your details
  • The physical form and KYC documents will be picked up from your overseas location and sent to India for account opening
You may visit any of the ICICI Direct or ICICI Bank branches and our representatives will assist you in opening an account


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“ICICI Direct portal is user friendly and easy to understand the daily ups and down all my equity investment”

– Mr Ramachandran K


“I have recently opened my NRE Demat/Trading accounts with ICICI DIRECT through online platform. My overall experience is quite comfortable so far with online equity investment.”

– Pinalkumar Kaniyawala


“I found ICICidirect very user friendly. All my reports related to taxation are readily available on the online account. Platform is easy to trade on with prompt support from customer care”

– Nagendra Dwivedi

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