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Genesys International Corporation Ltd : Latest Quarterly Results Analysis

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Genesys International Corporation Ltd. 31 May 2024 17:52 PM

Q4FY24 Quarterly Result Announced for Genesys International Corporation Ltd.

Realty company Genesys International Corporation announced Q4FY24 results:

Standalone Financial Performance:

  • In Q4FY24, Genesys International reported a Total Revenue of Rs 70.11 crore.
  • The EBITDA margin stood at 53.11%, and PAT margin reached 30.70%.

Consolidated Financial Performance:

  • On a consolidated basis for Q4FY24, the Total Revenue was Rs 71.63 crore.
  • The company saw an EBITDA margin of 51.26% and a PAT margin of 20.73%.

Commenting on the Results, Sajid Malik – Chairman & Managing Director said,“This quarter’s results signifies the beginning of the impact of the good work put in by thecompany on the New India Map stack. Adoption has gained traction of the company's contentprogram and in the quarter the company won some very marquee contracts which will hold thecompany in good stead. In the coming few quarters, we expect good traction in terms of productlaunches in key verticals.”

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IT Consulting & Software company Genesys International Corporation announced Q3FY24 results:

Consolidated Q3FY24

  • Revenue for Q3FY24 stood at Rs 61.87 crore
  • EBITDA increased by Rs 12.16 crore constituting 57.49% growth on a YoY basis. EBITDA Margin stood at 53.83% compared to 37.61% on a YoY basis
  • EBITDA increased by Rs 24.49 crore constituting 277.80% growth on a QoQ basis. EBITDA Margin stood at 53.83% compared to 25.70% on QoQ basis
  • PAT increased by 101% on a YoY basis and 580% on a QoQ basis

Standalone Q3FY24

  • Revenue for Q3FY24 stood at Rs 60.25 crore
  • EBITDA increased by Rs 11 crore constituting 52.44% growth on a YoY basis. EBITDA Margin stood at 53.05% compared to 37.52% on a YoY basis
  • EBITDA increased by Rs 23.33 crore constituting 277.80% growth on a QoQ basis. EBITDA Margin stood at 53.05% compared to 25.43% on QoQ basis
  • PAT in Q3FY24 stood at Rs 20.55 crore

Commenting on the Results, Sajid Malik – Chairman & Managing Director said, “This quarter has been highly successful for us as our 3D mapping and digital twin content platform are rapidly gaining traction, evident from our current business performance. We've achieved significant milestones recently, including our partnership with Survey of India to revolutionise Indian mapping by creating digital twins of Indian cities, the launch of automotive ADAS-related maps, completion of street imaging content for over a thousand towns and cities being utilized by major tech companies, to becoming the official digital twin map platform for Ayodhya and being tasked with creating the digital twin of Mecca. Noteworthy applications in densely populated urban areas like Dharavi underscore the robustness of our mapping capabilities. We've now begun the process of creating digital twins for numerous cities in India. Leveraging our extensive Genesys constellation, we're developing the most advanced mapping platform for India, with plans for significant scaling in the upcoming quarters. We believe we're establishing a critical digital infrastructure layer for the country, catering to a diverse range of industries

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IT Consulting & Software company Genesys International Corporation announced FY23 results:

  • The company’s traction on its content program remains strong
  • Standalone Revenue from 12MFY23 has exceeded full-year FY22 revenue by 50.24%
  • Standalone EBITDA in FY23 stood at Rs 64.85 crore, an increase of Rs 32.38 crore, 99.75% EBITDA Margin for FY23 maintained at 37%
  • Standalone PAT in FY23 stood at Rs 38.46 crore, a YoY increase of 145.58%
  • Net Profit attributable to Genesys (Parent) has increased from Rs 13.41 crore in FY22 to Rs 19.08 crore, in FY23 registering an increase of 42% on a YoY basis
  • Genesys has increased its shareholding in A N Virtual World from 66% to 97.50% during the year

Commenting on the results, Sajid Malik – Chairman & Managing Director said, “Our improved financial performance is a function of the pivot in our business model and the investments we have made in the digital twin space . Our partnerships with world leaders and several path breaking geo content work we have undertaken in this year manifest in our financial results . Digital twins / 3D modelling of the world will become a key part of what digitisation is paving the way to engage and govern our world in more efficient ways.”



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