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Gateway Distriparks Ltd : Latest Quarterly Results Analysis

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Gateway Distriparks Ltd. 31 May 2024 18:26 PM

Q4FY24 Quarterly & FY24 Annual Result Announced for Gateway Distriparks Ltd.

Transportation & Logistics company Gateway Distriparks announced Q4FY24 & FY24 results:

  • Gateway Distripark’s financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 20211, indicated a revenue increase of 7.63% and a PAT (Profit After Tax) rise of 6.76%.
  • Despite a quarterly dip, the Railway Revenue and CFS (Container Freight Station) Revenue collectively contributed to an annual uptick in total revenues.
  • The company reported a year-over-year growth in total throughput, measuring a 5.76% increase in the Rail Vertical and a marginal decrease of 0.52% in the CFS Vertical.
  • While the quarter-over-quarter figures showed declines in throughput, overall the Year-To-Date (YTD) throughput grew by 2.55%.

Prem Kishan Dass Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, said, “The results this quarter have been muted primarily on account of the Red Sea crisis which has disrupted supply chains, causing a slowdown in EXIM business in India. However, our network advantage along with double stack hubs has helped us minimize costs while we navigate these obstacles. We continue to explore land for new container terminals and are optimistic that our Faridabad ICD will soon become a double stack location as railway work nears completion. Our focus remains on expanding our network and sustaining growth.”


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Transportation-Logistics company Gateway Distriparks announced Q3FY24 results:

Financial Highlights

  • Rail Revenue: Rs 323.84 crore, a significant 20.16% increase QoQ.
  • CFS Revenue: Rs 71.03 crore, with a slight decrease of 4.61% QoQ.
  • Total Revenue: Rs 394.87 crore, marking a 14.80% growth QoQ.
  • EBIDTA: Rs 99.70 crore, a 6.29% increase QoQ.
  • PBT (Profit Before Tax): Rs 66.02 crore, a 12.04% increase QoQ.
  • Profit After Tax (PAT): Rs 64.35 crore, a 16.34% increase QoQ.
  • Board of Directors approved a Second Interim Dividend of Rs 0.75 per equity share of face value Rs 10 each for FY24.

Operational Highlights

  • Total Throughput: 1,81,522 TEUs, an increase of 7.77% QoQ.
  • Rail Vertical Throughput: 90,976 TEUs, a 15.72% growth QoQ.
  • CFS Vertical Throughput: 90,546 TEUs, witnessing a marginal rise of 0.81% QoQ.

Prem Kishan Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, stated: "Amid challenging economic conditions, particularly in the export sector, our company has effectively mitigated impacts through our network advantage and strategic hubbing of containers. This approach enables us to fully leverage the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor. As a result, we are witnessing growth across various metrics including throughput, revenue, EBITDA, and PAT. In anticipation of increased volumes in the coming quarters, the company is in the process of enhancing its rail side capacity and will be bringing its total number of trains to 34 by the end of the financial year."

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Transportation-Logistics company Gateway Distriparks announced Q2FY24 results:

Financial Results:
- Gateway Distriparks reported a 23.47% increase in its consolidated PAT (Profit After Tax) to Rs 73.5 crore for Q2FY24.
- Total Revenue for Q2FY24 stood at Rs 401.42 crore, showing a growth of 10.92% compared to Q2FY23.
- EBIDTA (Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, Tax, and Amortization) for the quarter was Rs 106.13 crore.
- Rail Revenue for the quarter was Rs 319.78 crore, while CFS (Container Freight Station) Revenue was Rs 81.64 crore.

- Total throughput in the Rail Vertical for Q2FY24 was 1,00,634 TEUs
- Total throughput in the CFS Vertical for Q2FY24 was 92,375 TEUs

Future Plans:
- Gateway Distriparks plans to expand its train fleet with three additional trains and increase its vehicle fleet by 60 to ensure seamless first and last-mile connectivity.
- The company is constructing a container terminal in Jaipur and evaluating new locations for expanding its rail network.

Prem Kishan Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, commented, "The Company has recorded good performance this quarter, sustaining growth amidst the fluctuations typical of the current economic landscape. The strategic measures we have implemented in our rail network, particularly focusing on container hubbing and double stacking, have been pivotal in managing the prevailing import-export imbalance.

In recognition of the long-term prospects of EXIM volumes, we are strategically expanding our assets. Starting this month, we are augmenting our train fleet with an additional three trains. The first train will be delivered this month and the other two over the remainder of the financial year. Furthermore, we have increased our vehicle fleet by 60 to ensure seamless first and last-mile connectivity for our clients. Our Jaipur container terminal is under construction and we continue to evaluate new locations for expanding our rail network further.

While we navigate the complexities of a turbulent global economy, we approach the future with cautious optimism and an unwavering focus on strategic and sustainable growth."

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Transportation-Logistics company Gateway Distriparks announced Q1FY24 results:

  • Rail revenue of Rs 298.45 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 266.55 crore in Q1FY23, up 11.97% YoY
  • CFS revenue of Rs 76.40 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 80.68 crore in Q1FY23, down 5.30% YoY
  • Total Revenue of Rs 374.85 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 347.23 crore in Q1FY23, up 7.95% YoY
  • EBIDTA of Rs 100.55 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 90.86 crore in Q1FY23, up 10.66% YoY
  • PBT of Rs 65.65 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 54.32 crore in Q1FY23, up 20.86% YoY
  • PAT of Rs 63.72 crore in Q1FY24 compared to Rs 58.45 crore in Q1FY23, up 9.02% YoY

Prem Kishan Gupta, Chairman, and Managing Director, commented, "Train running was impacted this quarter by the Biparjoy cyclone when the rail network & port operations were shut for some time in Gujarat, along with some double stack restrictions imposed temporarily by Indian Railways during the quarter as well. However, the volumes have been catching up and we are starting to see signs of improvement in the Export volumes as well which have been low in the last few quarters due to lesser demand in Western Europe and North America, especially for retail products manufactured in India for those markets. As the overall EXIM demand continues to grow, we are now adding three trains to our fleet over the next 6 months. On the expansion front, we are also on track to finalise new locations in the hinterland to expand our container terminal network.”



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Transportation and Logistics firm Gateway Distriparks announced Q4FY23 results:

  • Total Revenue at Rs 390.84 crore
  • EBIDTA at Rs 107.22 crore
  • PBT at Rs 71.22 crore
  • PAT at Rs 68.62 crore

Prem Kishan Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, commented, "We are pleased to report healthy financial performance for the company for the quarter and year ending 31st March 2023. While there has been a slowdown in Export volumes in the past six months, signs of recovery are now being seen from April onwards. Import volumes have been growing to a large extent. Our focus remains on improving efficiencies and expanding our network. In the beginning of FY23, we had allocated Rs 500 crore towards capital expenditure to be utilised by fiscal year 2025, with about Rs 200 crores already invested thus far towards the acquisition of ICD Kashipur and land procurement and initial development of ICD Jaipur. Our goal is to invest the remaining amount in new projects and we are actively exploring both greenfield and acquisition options in Northern and Central India to expand our network of ICDs in the next two years."


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