National Pension System - Know what it is !

  • 18-years Start Young
    Invest and grow your money every year from the age of 18
  • retire-rich Retire Rich
    Withdraw upto 60% of your corpus tax-free at the age of 60
  • regular-pension Regular Pension
    Receive monthly pension in your golden years

Tax Savings with NPS


For investment up to ₹1.5 lakh/year under section 80CCD(1) (in lieu of 80C)


For investment up to ₹50,000/year under section 80CCD (1B)


Tax Savings for investment upto ₹2 lakh/year

Flexibility in NPS

Easy Options

Low Ticket Size

Start with as low as ₹1000 p.a.

Strategies Wizard

Pension Fund Manager

Choose from India's best pension fund managers

Strategy Builder

Asset Allocation

Balance your investments between Equity, Debt & Alternates

Hear from our experts


NPS helps control and manage this psychological aspect of equity investing by locking in investment for long term (till retirement). Effectively, NPS through its design makes investors Buy and Forget which we all know can do wonders.


Not many people know this, but Investors may choose their own asset allocation in terms of how much to invest in equity and how much in debt. An investor with a greater risk appetite can invest up to 75% of its fund in equity.


NPS offers a highest flexibility in terms of choosing a pension fund manager, asset allocation and may contribute any amount at any time during the year which no other retirement investment plan offers. Investor can choose from various fund managers basis performance track record.

It’s Easy! Invest in 3 Simple Steps!

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Go to NPS

    Post login visit NPS Section and click on Subscribe

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Fill application form

    Enter personal details & choose pension fund manager

  • lock-in of 3 years

    Complete Investment

    E-sign application & confirm your order



NPS is open to all Indian citizens aged 18 to 60+. The only stipulation is that the individual follows Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines.

No, you cannot have more than one NPS account. NPS being portable across sectors and locations, there is no need to open a second account.

Yes, the NPS scheme provides this option. Subscribers can change the amount of their contribution as they see fit.

Tier I and Tier II accounts are available for NPS investment. Tier I is a mandatory retirement account, whereas Tier II is a PRAN-linked voluntary savings account. Tier-II accounts provide more withdrawal flexibility than Tier I accounts; unlike Tier I account, you can withdraw from the Tier II account at any time.

The amount withdrawn from NPS before the age of 60 or before retirement (other than for the purpose specified for partial withdrawal) is not taxable. But the amount withdrawn is limited to only 20% of the accumulated wealth in NPS, with the remaining 80% of the accumulated pension wealth having to be used for annuity purchase. This percentage is otherwise 40% in annuity and 60% tax-exempt lump-sum payment if you complete the tenure and withdraw at the age of 60.

If the new employer has already registered as an entity under NPS, the employee can transfer the corpus to the new employer using the same PRAN account. However, if the employer is not registered, the employee can continue to use the PRAN account under the All Citizen Model.

Units will be credited to your account when the PFM (Pension Fund Manager) invests your contribution. T+2 days is the time it takes for a unit to be credited to your account. Here, T denoting the date the funds arrived at the Trustee bank.


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