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Invest in your retirement travel dreams with NPS(National Pension System)


The Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to your travel plans?  Is work keeping you too busy to take a vacation? Nurture your wanderlust and plan for a retirement full of adventures and travel.

Who says retirement has to be boring? With proper preparation for a post retirement life, you can visit all your favourite destinations with your loved one.

One of the best ways to plan for retirement is investing in a pension scheme that takes care of your financial needs during your golden days. The National Pension System (NPS) is a decent option for those looking for a reliable option.

A retirement life that is comfortable

We work so we can earn money to provide a better life for ourselves as well as those we love. Often we forget to ensure a better life for ourselves when we retire.

With the National Pension Scheme, you can start a pension account and invest a fixed sum at regular intervals. You can make these payments all through your employment and when you retire, this pension fund takes care of you.

Upon retirement, you can withdraw a part of the sum accrued in your pension account. The rest of the money is paid to you as monthly pension. You can live your retirement days with dignity, without having to look for ways to take care of your financial needs.

Withdrawal Rules for NPS

When you turn 60, you can withdraw a part of your pension fund. You can’t withdraw the entire amount. The government mandates that you to set aside at least 40% of the sum.

This sum is paid out to you as monthly pension by an insurance firm registered with the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority.

The remaining 60% is the sum that you can withdraw at once. This is completely tax free.

While it is advisable that you keep paying your instalments towards NPS till your retirement, you can choose to withdraw before that as well. You will be able to withdraw up to 25% only after having invested in the scheme for at least three years. This, however, is allowed for specific purposes such as children’s studies or wedding, buying a house or medical treatment. During the entire tenure of the scheme, you can make up to three withdrawals with a gap of five years.

NPS as your passport for post-retirement travel

When your retire, you can pull out a part of the pension fund. You can use this fund to plan for a grand vacation. Should you choose to go on multiple trips, you can use your pension money to plan a series of trips.

If your financial needs are taken care of, you can also plan short trips every few months with your monthly pension earnings. With proper planning, you can not only secure your post-retirement life but also fulfil your desires. Don’t let age or retirement get in the way!


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