Why should you invest with ICICIdirect?

ICICIdirect provides you a comprehensive platform to cater all your equity investment needs. We have several tools & innovative features that provide flexibility to your investment journey and also keeps you updated on your investments. With our 3-in-1 account, you can transact across your bank, demat and trading account absolutely hassle-free.

Why should you invest with ICICIdirect?

Here are 6 reasons why.

Award Winning Research

Discover oppurtunities in any investment class. our award-winning research teams have a 75% strike rate since inception.

Advance Tools

Stay ahead with trading innovations. we are the first to offer Price Improvement,Cloud and Valid Till Cancel orders.

Instant Liquidity

Our wealth team uses first-in-class innovations like prime instant liquidity (up to 1 cr) & comprehensive portfolio views to grow your wealth.

Financial Superstore

Count on us for any financial solution. We have more than 50 products and services.

Safe and Secure

You can trust us. We are backed by the ICICI group. we have been servicing customers from 2 decades.

Easily Accessible 

We are available everywhere. Online,on-call and in-person visits.

Our Offerings

A sneak-peek of what you get

Benefits of investing in Equities:


Potentially high returns to grow wealth.


Can help beat inflation


Regular income through dividends


Easy tracking of your portfolio


Shares can be sold and therefore, are easy to liquidate.

Your money is in safe hands


Fingerprint Authentication based App Login: Just Login once, enable fingerprint scanner on your device and you are done! No more entering login details on every login. For users having IPhone X and models thereafter, you can also use Facial Recognition for authentication

Rich App Experience: As against previous version, the new app is much more responsive, quick and easy to use

Enhanced Watchlist: Save your favorite watchlists, create one watchlist for both Equity and F&O, get live quotes and so on

Inclusion of Currency Segment: The entire Currency Segment is now available on Mobile App, which means, more investment options at the reach of your hand