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Margin Buy/Sell

As an intraday trader, you have the opportunity to capitalize on small stock price fluctuations. But to book a big profit on smaller fluctuations, you need a lot of capital. Now, you can get that additional capital to invest in more stocks by leveraging the Margin Buy/Sell product on ICICIdirect.com.

Margin Buy/Sell is an exclusive product designed for our intraday traders who wish to buy and sell shares on margin. You can buy and sell shares and square of your positions on the same day. You can avail the margin by paying a small initial margin or even leverage the shares as margin facility i.e. you can use your shares as collateral to get the margin amount.

Short-selling is yet another feature that you get in this intraday product. If a stock is showing a declining trend, you can sell the stock first and as the price declines, you can square off your position earn profit.

Welcome to cashless trading from ICICIdirect! Generate instant limits with your existing shares available in your Demat Account by using Shares as Margin facility to trade in Margin Product. Go ahead and take advantage of ICICIdirect’s Intraday Product -  Margin Buy/Sell

Benefit of trading in MARGIN PRODUCT:

Pay less buy more

Pay less buy more:

With Margin Product, you can increase the lot size of your trade, i.e., buy more shares by paying a small initial margin. You can also leverage the Shares as Margin facility

Cashless trading

Cashless trading:

Margin Product facilitates cashless trading. In case you do not want to pay the initial margin in cash, you may block your existing shares by leveraging the Shares as Margin facility. You can pledge your shares as collateral and create positions in Margin Product.

Convert to delivery

Convert to delivery:

Margin Product also allows you to leverage the ‘Convert to delivery’ option and take delivery of the stock, in case trade does not move in your favor.

Margin Trading

Carry Forward Position:

You can carry Forward your Margin Position for up to 365 days by converting mode to MTF (Margin Trading Funding).

Pay less buy more

Intraday Short Selling:

You can first sell shares and buy-back the same on same day. Margin broker mode makes it possible to Short-sell without having any shares in your demat a/c.

Cloud order

Cloud order

Intraday trading is all about timing. Now you can save time by saving your frequently placed Margin orders in the Cloud Order section under Equities. You can save stock details anytime and place your orders instantly, in just a click

Cloud Order

Cloud Order is a feature for placing quick orders in Cash, e-ATM, Margin Cloud Order is an exclusive feature available to ICICIdirect.com customers. Located under the Equity section of your trading account, this feature allows you to place quick orders in Cash, e-ATM, Margin and MarginPLUS products. As an ICICIdirect.com customer, you can save orders anytime – before, during or after market hours. The feature facilitates instant order placement, in future. Simply enter and save details of your favourite stocks in the Cloud Order section of your ICICIdirect.com and place orders in a click, using this feature. You can place your orders by clicking on the Buy/Sell link available against each order saved on the Cloud Order page under the Equity section of the trading account. The Cloud Order feature is designed to save your time and you need not enter all the order details each and every time you want to place an order. It prevents multiple selections in real-time. You can easily select stocks, quantity, price, expiry, etc.
Presently under Equity segment, you can save and place Cloud Orders in Cash, e-ATM, Margin and Margin PLUS products.
You can click 'Add to My Cloud' button available on Cloud Order page under Equity. This will open a page Add to My Cloud where you can enter and save the order details like Exchange Code, Stock Code, Quantity, Order Type and Limit Price (for Cash/e-ATM/Margin products) and Cover SLTP Difference (for Margin PLUS)

You can also add Cloud Orders from Place order page, where you can click on 'Get from My Cloud' or 'Add to My Cloud' buttons if there is no existing order saved to Cloud for the selected stock. If you have an order already saved to Cloud Orders in the selected stock, then you will be taken to Cloud Order page from where you can Buy/Sell and place your order during market hours or as an overnight order.
You can add a Cloud Order anytime during market hours as well as before or after market hours.



Initial Margin is Margin amount required to take position in Margin Product. Now let’s understand with example: If you want to buy 1000 shares of ABC Limit which is trading at 100. The Initial Margin (IM) required is 20% and Minimum Margin (MM) is 15%.

In the above example, you just require Rs. 20,000 (Initial Margin). Minimum Margin (Rs 15,000) is the margin amount that you have to maintain with I-Sec at all points of time for your open Margin position. Trigger price is the difference between IM and MM.

You can convert your Margin position Buy position to delivery by going to Margin Open position page and click on CTD tab. You are required to bring in remaining amount to convert your position to delivery.

If you have taken Margin Sell position, you can convert it to delivery (Only if you have same quantity of shares in your demat). Here shares from you demat will be sold and your position will be closed.
Yes. You can block your existing shares with Shares as Margin facility to pay Initial Margins and create position in Margin Product
If the stock has not reached your desired price, you can change mode to MTF (Margin trading Funding) from Margin open position page, wherein you get 365 days to pay the balance amount and take delivery or square off your position.

Click here to know more about Margin Trading Funding

For Cash segment intraday trades, since December 01, 2020 till February 28, 2021 we have charged minimum margin of 5% in the 1st Phase. In the 2nd Phase applicable from March 01, 2021 till May 31, 2021 we have been charging 10% margin on intraday trades. 3rd phase, started on June 1, 2021 requires us to charge 15% margin for Intraday trades.

Let us with an example understand the initial margin required in the upcoming phase (3rd Phase of Peak Margin). Initial Margin is the Margin that gets blocked by the broker at the time of initiating the trade and is calculated as a % of the trade value.

Regulatory Margin currently for Equity Intraday products of Margin Buy/Sell & Margin Plus Product is 20%

In the 1st Phase, the initial margin was 25% of this regulatory margin which is 5%. In the 2nd phase, the initial margin was 50% of this regulatory margin which is 10%. Now in the 3rd phase, starting June 2021, the initial margin will be 75% of the regulatory margin which is 15%. A minimum of 15% or any higher margin will be applicable for all the stocks in Margin Buy/Sell and Margin Plus.

Stocks New Margin w.e.f. 1st June 2021
Where current initial margin is less than 15% 15%
Where current initial margin is more than 15% No change. Existing margin will be applicable

Eventually from September, 2021 onwards the initial margin required for Margin Buy/Sell and Margin Plus will be as per regulatory minimum margin which is 20% or higher.



“Margin is really a great product. The best part that I like about it is that if trade doesn’t move in my favor for the day, I can convert it to Client MTF and carry forward my position. Another thing which I like is amount moves directly to bank and withdrawal is easy”

– Sujatha Veda


“The platform is user friendly which I use for doing margin broker mode trade- things are clear and transparent. Along with this the Margin Product is good and all combined makes my intraday trade a success”

– Kanimozhi