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What is eATM?

Encash your shares within 5 minutes with ICICIdirect eATM

With ICICIdirect eATM you can receive 75% of the Sell value as instant payout within 5 mins of order execution at no extra cost. Normally if you sell shares from demat you will have to wait for T+ 1 working days to receive funds

Key Features of eATM order

Receive money within 5 minutes of selling stocks

Zero additional cost

Daily limit 50,000 (Can be enhanced upto 1 Cr. daily)

Available in 1000+ stocks of NSE & BSE

Available on selling shares from demat

eATM Limits

You can increase your eATM limit upto 1 Cr. per day with our reduced brokerage plans

ICICIdirect Prime Plan

Plan eATM Daily Limit() Delivery Brokerage(%)
2.5 Lakhs 0.25
10 Lakhs 0.22
25 Lakhs 0.18
1 Cr. 0.15
1 Cr. 0.10
1 Cr. 0.07



“I find eATM very useful. As I am from a business background, I am in need of funds on an immediate basis very often. That is the time when eATM feature has supported me a lot.”



“eATM feature to get funds instantly is very good and one of a king feature launched by ICICIdirect. What is even better is that you receive funds instantly at no extra cost. I have used this product at time of emergency and it had helped me a lot.”



“I am using the instant payout feature - eATM launched by ICICIdirect from a very long time. Instead of the normal cash order, I always prefer to sell my holdings using the eATM feature as I don’t have to wait to get the funds. It take only 5 minutes to get funds in my linked bank account.”



Money Transfer In 5 mins On Selling Shares! ICICI Direct e-Atm





'eATM' which stands for 'Equity-ATM' is a facility offered by ICICIdirect wherein the customer receives instant payout of 75% within 5 minutes of executing cash sell transaction. The customer doesn’t need to wait for T +1 days to receive the funds.

You can place eATM order by selecting eATM check box in "Cash sell" page under equity "Place Order". Also, you can place eATM order from "eATM" page under equity "Place Order”. The rest of the details that need to be filled would be the same as in a normal sell transaction.

The Brokerage rate applicable for eATM trades would be same as normal cash sell product which will be as per customer's mapped Brokerage scheme.

ICICIdirect.com offers the facility of eATM on both NSE and BSE. To view the list of scrips available for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity> Stock list > Select the respective exchange

In order to view the list of ETFs enabled for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity > ETF list

ICICIdirect can add/delete scrips to/from these lists for which eATM would be permitted.

Yes, at time of eATM sell you will receive funds in 5 minutes however I-Sec is providing eATM facility on as and when basis and has the full discretion to modify, delay or stop payout of funds

Yes, you may not be able to place an eATM order if in case:

Your Total Current Equity Limit is negative. You can allocate sufficient funds to Equities so that your Total Current Equity Limit becomes positive.

The daily eATM limit is breached. Please note, you will be able to place eATM orders on the next trading day with fresh limits.

Any other reasons at the discretion of I-Sec.

You can place multiple trade in eATM but limit is on total transaction value. The Minimum daily limit of eATM is Rs 50000 per customer and maximum daily limit of eATM is depend on prime or prepaid plan selected. ICICIdirect can however change this limit at its discretion. This limit is inclusive of eATM trades placed on both NSE and BSE. Please note, if this limit is breached, then you will not be able to transact in any eATM product on that day.

As per the norms of collection of upfront margins, 25% of the Sell value needs to be blocked in case trades are placed under eATM- Instant payout feature and the same is required to be released on next trading (T+1) day. Thus, in order to comply with these norms, if you sell any shares using the e-ATM order then you shall get 75% of the Sell value as instant payout within 5 mins of order execution. Remaining 25% of the sell value will be withheld and will be released on the next trading day after deduction of the necessary brokerage and statutory charges. The payout of this amount will be credited in your account, once the same is processed as per existing normal equity payout process of T+1 day.

For Example, if you place an eATM Sell order of Trade Value Rs 1,000 at 10:00 AM and the eATM withheld amount percentage is 25%, the eATM withheld amount will be Rs 250 (25% * 1000 = 250). This means you would receive a payout of Rs 750 (1000-250 = 750) within a 5 minutes (say 10:05 AM). If the amount of Brokerage and Taxes for this transaction is Rs 2, then remaining Rs 248 will be released in Limits after adjustment of recoveries. Once the brokerage is processed for that trade date, your payout for the same will be given as per the existing normal equity payout process.

You can see it in Trade Book under Details. It can also be seen on Order Verification page at the time of eATM order placement.

If there are other non-eATM trades in the same settlement, the payment or receipt of funds for those trades will be credited/debited separately on the normal payout or payin day respectively.

For instance:

Case 1:

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000

Cash Sell: Rs 2,000

Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 750 then Rs 2,250 (3000-750 = 2250) will be credited in your account during the day on transaction date itself as payout is given at 5 minute intervals and the balance of Rs 2,000 will be credited on the normal payout day.

Case 2:

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000

Cash Buy: Rs 4,000

Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 750 then Rs 2250 (3000-750 = 2250) will be credited in your account during the day on transaction date itself as payout is given at 5 minute intervals and Rs 4,000 will be debited on the T day.