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MCap.(Cr.) : 42,133
BV : 42,133
PE (x) : 42,133
Div. Yield (%) : 42,133
EPS : 42,133
FV : 42,133

Currency Trading

The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) is one of the world’s largest, most liquid and most dynamic financial markets. It gives traders a platform to speculate on the value of one currency against another. Currency trading is an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios while capitalizing on global trends. Essentially, the currency market involves buying and selling currency pairs from across the world.

Currency Brokerage Calculator

Brokerage @ Rs 20/- per order only
NSE - Futures
  • Total Trade Value 20,050,000
  • Brokerage 40
  • Exchange Transaction Charges 521.30
  • SEBI Charges 10.03
  • GST 102.84
  • Stamp Duty 200
  • Total Expense & Taxes 1879.16
  • Per Lot Expense 939.58
  • Rs. to Break Even 9.40
  • Ticks to Break Even 1879.16
  • Net Profit / Loss 24036.82
NSE - Options
  • Total Trade Value 20,050,000
  • Brokerage 40
  • Exchange Transaction Charges 521.30
  • SEBI Charges 10.03
  • GST 102.84
  • Stamp Duty 200
  • Total Expense & Taxes 1879.16
  • Per Lot Expense 939.58
  • Rs. to Break Even 9.40
  • Ticks to Break Even 1879.16
  • Net Profit / Loss 24036.82

Most Traded Contracts

open interest (OPTIONS)
Name Strike Price() Curr. Price() CHG() OI Chg in OI('000)
USDINR-PE-26-APR-2024 83.0000 0.0125 -0.0125 241,438.00 6,479.00
USDINR-CE-26-APR-2024 83.5000 0.1400 -0.0300 237,556.00 23,097.00
USDINR-PE-26-APR-2024 83.2500 0.0475 0.0050 220,885.00 19,329.00
USDINR-CE-26-APR-2024 83.7500 0.0625 -0.0175 217,436.00 6,465.00
USDINR-CE-26-APR-2024 84.0000 0.0325 -0.0100 206,449.00 3,876.00
open interest (FUTURE)
Name Curr. Price() Prev. Close() CHG() OI Chg in OI('000)
USDINR-26-APR-2024 83.4850 83.5475 -0.0625 3,057,350.00 67,214.00
GBPINR-26-APR-2024 103.8900 104.2600 -0.3700 40,055.00 -747.00
EURINR-26-APR-2024 88.9200 89.2050 -0.2850 33,917.00 -305.00
JPYINR-26-APR-2024 54.0625 54.0950 -0.0325 24,058.00 -173.00
GBPUSD-26-APR-2024 1.2442 1.2474 -0.0032 3,621.00 74.00

Currency Market News

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Apr 18, 2024 17:42


In the forex market, currencies are traded in pairs. Traders buy one currency by selling another. The first currency listed in the forex pair is the base currency, while the second currency is called the quote currency. If the trader expects the base currency to appreciate against the quote currency, he will buy the currency pair. If they expect the value of the base currency to depreciate against the quote currency, they will sell the currency pair. For instance, if the value of USD is expected to appreciate against INR, traders can buy USD/INR futures.

Like any form of trading, forex also comes with a degree of risk. Currency trading involves speculation, high leverage and a number of international factors. Moreover, currency markets are highly volatile and are influenced by several factors, including economic and political events. Thus, it is critical to evaluate risks before trading in the currency markets.

You can trade currency futures in India on registered exchanges such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE), The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and MCX-SX.

To trade in forex in India, you have to adhere to market timings. As of now, forex trading takes place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

No, you do not need a demat account to engage in forex trading as most currency trades are settled in cash. However, you will need a forex trading account and a bank account to trade in currency markets. 

There are five types of currency markets. These are spot, forward, futures, options and swaps. In the spot market, currency trading takes place at real-time exchange rates. Forward markets deal in over-the-counter (OTC) forward contracts, while currency futures are traded through centralised exchanges in the futures market.

The options market gives traders a right to convert the currency on a future date but there is no obligation to do so. It allows traders the right to buy or sell currency at a specific rate and on a specific date. Swap transactions involve simultaneous borrowing and lending of two types of currencies between two investors.