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Margin PLUS

Do you wish to reduce your losses in your intra-day trades? Do you wish to capitalize on market volatility? Now you can with ICICIdirect.com’s MarginPLUS facility.

A product especially designed for our intraday traders, MarginPLUS allows you to limit your losses on every position you take, and get higher leverage in equities trading, while trading intraday. With MarginPLUS, you can place two orders that simultaneously allow you to ‘book profits’ and ‘stop-losses’. You simply have to place a ‘market order’ or the ‘limit price’, along with a ‘cover order’, which specifies your preferred ‘Stop Loss Trigger Price’ (SLTP).

Placing the stop-loss order simultaneously with the market order (while taking a positon) reduces your risk automatically. The reduced risk in turn reduces your margin requirement as well, enabling you to get higher leverage while trading.

What’s more, MarginPLUS also provides you the option to protect your gains by placing a cover profit order at a limit price. The limit price is automatically executed when your profit price is reached. Once the profit price is reached, the opposite order is instantly reversed. The automated application means that you do not need to monitor the markets on a continuously.

Stock market volatility provides you with several opportunities to capitalise your investments, especially while trading intraday. So, take advantage of on market volatility and book profits with ICICIdirect.com’s MarginPLUS.

Boost your intraday trading with ICICIdirect's Margin Plus. You can now book your profits and cut down your losses by capitalizing on market volatility through the Margin Plus facility and get higher leverage in equities trading in your intraday trading.

Features and Benefits of trading in Margin Plus:

Limit your losses

Limit your losses:

MarginPLUS allows you to place your intraday order and a mandatory stop loss order so that you can reduce your risks of intraday trading.

Trail your stop loss

Trail your stop loss:

MarginPLUS stop loss trailing feature enables you to manually trail your stop loss, while allowing you to lock-in your profits.

Profit order

Profit order:

MarginPLUS includes a Profit Order feature that allows you to define your minimum profit limit in advance.

Cloud order

Cloud order:

With MarginPLUS, you can now save your frequently placed intra-day orders and save time during order placement. Orders saved in the cloud can be place anytime, in just a click.


In Margin Plus, there are two orders in a single order where the fresh order is placed for creating the open position at market or limit price. The cover order is the opposite order to the fresh order placed. To limit losses, the cover order, will compulsorily have to be cover SLTP (stop loss trigger price) order wherein if the stock price reaches the SLTP, then the order will be squared off at the price between cover SLTP and the cover order limit price. Here, the cover order limit price is auto defined by the system for any given stock based on the minimum difference % given on Stock List page under equity section.

The difference between the fresh order execution price and the cover order limit price is the Margin for any given stock in MarginPLUS.
After execution of MarginPLUS order, you can place profit order to book profit at a pre-determined price. For this, go to MarginPLUS Open Position Page and place Profit order.
My EOS is a facility provided to quickly close your open MarginPLUS positions i.e. if you do My EOS, the system will modify your Cover SLTP order to Market order.
Only those stocks, which meet the criteria on liquidity and volume, have been enabled for trading under the MarginPLUS product.

I-Sec reserves the right to select the stocks for MarginPLUS and may, at its sole discretion, include or exclude any stock for trading in the Margin PLUS product without any prior intimation.



“Everything is best about the Margin PLUS Product. We can’t take position without the stop loss and for a trader that is very useful. With less amount being put forward by me, I can buy many shares and multiply gains accordingly. This is the best product that I have experienced.”

– Santosh Markandey Yadav


“Using Margin PLUS, I am getting more profit than what I used to get doing normal equity trading. There is more leverage available. There are no hidden charges and everything is very transparent”

– Syed Mohibuddin Mubinuroddin


“After more stocks were added to Margin PLUS, my favorite ones are now available for trading. More equities mean more benefit to me. In addition to this the ICICIdirect App has improved over time and this makes intraday trade (in which time is everything) very impactful. All the features are shown up at once while I place order in Margin Plus”

– Rehan Uddin Farooqui