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Smart Stock Alerts

ICICIdirect understands your need to stay updated about your portfolio and Stocks at all times. Presenting Stock Alerts for Smart traders



Safeguard against high risk Stocks


Customized Alerts

Updates on Stocks in your portfolio


Direct Alerts

Set your own SMS alerts

Alerts-I i-Alerts

i-Alert protects investors interest by alerting them while they are about to buy junk or high risk Stocks. This may include Stocks

  • That are considered penny Stocks (current market price less than Rs 5)
  • Where promoted pledge is greater than 50%
  • That has reported losses in last 3 consecutive years
  • That are going to be delisted from respective exchanges within 30 days
  • That has lost 90% of their value in last 3 months

i-Alert also prompts investors while they are selling Stocks just before they become eligible for

  • Dividend/Bonus/Rights issue
  • Long Term Capital Gain(LTCG)

Alerts-Customized Customized Alerts


With uncertainties prevailing in the market, staying updated on your portfolio can help you take advantage of various opportunities coming your way. If you miss out on these updates, it can be a missed opportunity to gain from these market movements.

Understanding this need, we have auto enabled the Customized Alerts facility for you.

Customized Alerts is a facility which helps you to stay updated on events and opportunities coming across on the Stocks that you hold in your portfolio. Few of such events can be:

  • Your stock touching 52 week high or low
  • Stock moving up or down by 5% in a single day
  • Stock becoming eligible for long term capital gains
  • Alerts on Nifty50 Stocks
  • Updates on Bulk and Block deals
  • Updates on Promoter Activity on Stocks you hold
  • Corporate Announcements on Stocks you hold

Alerts-Direct Direct Alerts

With Direct Alerts you can set your own price alerts for any stock which you wish to track, You get instantly notified when stock touches your pre-defined price point

  • Alerts could be set for Stocks listed on NSE and BSE
  • You can recieve Price Alert, 52 Week High and 52 Week Low alerts on your mobile
  • You can place multiple alerts for particular scrip

Alerts-I How to set Alerts

  • lock-in of 3 years

    STEP 1

    Simply Login to yourICICIdirectAccount & Click on Settings icons

  • lock-in of 3 years

    STEP 2

    Click on Manage Subscriptions & select the desired updates you need

  • lock-in of 3 years

    STEP 3

    You can set your desired Mailer, SMS and What's App subscription


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noun-faq FAQs

All customers of ICICIdirect, who have a valid user ID and Password and have provided their mobile numbers to us can subscribe for receiving alerts on their mobile phone. However, ICICIdirect reserves the right to disable this facility to a particular customer or group of customers, at its discretion, without assigning any reasons whatsoever for the same.

i-Alert is an auto-activated feature available for all customers and is integrated in the order placement journey. The pop-up comes instantly for junk or high risk Stocks (depending on the case), when traders try to buy/sell shares.

Customized alerts are available for Stocks present in your portfolio.

Direct Alerts could be set for desired Stocks listed on NSE and BSE.

In case of i-Alert, customers get alerts on Stocks of companies which have reported losses in last 3 consecutive years, is a penny Stocks, has its Promoters Pledging 50% of their holdings. The prompt also comes when traders are selling shares which are going to give out dividends or are going to be eligible for Long Term Capital Gain.

Customized alerts give updates specifically about those Stocks which are available in their portfolio.

In case of Direct Alerts, customers receive Price Alerts, 52 Week High and 52 Week Low alerts on your mobile.

i-Alert feature is an automatic feature available for the web platform. There are series of customized alerts which can be set by customers by visiting “Manage Subscription” Section on the settings Icon. In order to avail of the Direct alert facility, you will have to login to the website www.icicidirect.com using your user ID and Password. On the Settings icon, Manage Alert Section will be available. On clicking the same, you can set the alert by filling up the necessary details.

Please note that prior to subscribing for Direct Alerts, you will have to accept the online terms & conditions put up on the website www.icicidirect.com for Direct Alerts. In case you have not specified the mobile number earlier, you would be prompted to enter the mobile number. On submitting the mobile number for the first time, you can start setting alerts only from the next day.

i-Alerts are automatic alerts. Similarly, customized alerts are alerts on your portfolio and will happen as per customer’s request and stock price movement.

In case of Direct Alerts, you can place 50 alerts at any point in time. Once an alert has been placed, it would remain open for a period of one month form the date of placement or until the same is cancelled by you or is executed. If you have subscribed to the maximum number of alerts permitted, you would not be permitted to subscribe for any additional alerts until you cancel any of the existing open alerts or if any of the open alerts get executed or is expired.

In case of Customized alert, you can modify the updates that you wish to receive, by ticking the description against the Category in Manage Subscription Section. It can be done for Mailer Subscription, SMS Subscription & What’s app subscription.

Any open Direct Alert can also be modified or cancelled. This modification or cancellation can be done at any time upto execution of the alert request. However once the request gets executed, the same cannot be modified or cancelled. The stock code also cannot be changed. Only the price, condition and alert type can be changed.

Yes. You can place multiple alerts for particular scrip in case of Direct Alerts.

All Direct alerts in the open status are valid for a period of one month from the date of placement. Direct Alert in the open status for a period of more than one month would be expired.

i-Alert & Customized Alerts will keep changing for Stocks on case to case basis.

You can change your mobile number using the "change profile hyperlink" in the customer service page. However, you will receive alerts on this new mobile number only from the next day.

i-alerts, Customized Alerts & Direct Alert (upto 50 alerts) are completely free and no additional charges are involved for their subscription.

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