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What is Equity Derivatives?

It is a financial instrument where you can buy & sell derivative contracts of stocks or indices. Value of these contracts are derived from the underlying price which can be stocks or indices. ICICIdirect offers you the simple & convenient way to trade & hedge your portfolio risk.

Why Equity Derivatives


It helps to hedge or reduce the risk of your Equity portfolio. This can be done with the help of Futures and Options contracts.

Higher Leverage

Higher trading exposure since you don’t pay full amount while taking positions in derivatives. You only require a portion of the contract value as margin to take position.

Market view

You can trade with both bullish & bearish view in the market.

Lower brokerage

Brokerage charged is very less as compared to cash markets for the same value of trading with our special brokerage plans i.e. ICICIdirect Prime and Lifetime Prepaid Plans.

Our Offerings

A sneak-peek of what you get

Take informed trading decisions with real time data analytics.


Market Screen:

Gives you a visual overview of the most active contracts in the market


Technical Charts:

Our interactive charts helps you spot intraday and long term trends


Event Calendar:

Track all the latest events that impact the derivatives market like company results, corporate actions, government announcement, foreign market news etc.


Heat Maps:

It gives you visual and concise view of the market, get real time built-up happening in the market to spot potential trades


Live Data:

It gives live data on Put Call ratio, Advance Decline ratio, Sector performance, F&O trends



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