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Cashless Investing Facility

Cashless Investing Facility

Shares as Margin

Traders in F&O always look at the ROI% for the trades they place. In ICICIdirect, your ROI becomes better as you can create positions using your Holdings in Demat at no cost. This facility is Shares as Margin.

With Shares as Margin, you can make use of your existing shares that you own in your Demat to generate instant limits to trade in F&O. No interest is charged for the limits generated through Shares as Margin.

Experience cashless investment by generating instant limits to trade using your own shares

Key Features

  • Block some of your existing shares, create limit and you are just a click away from creating a position
  • The limits get generated instantly
  • The limits created can be used to trade in all F&O products
  • No Interest is charged on the limits generated through Shares as Margin