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Smart Trading Features

Cloud Order

Quick order placement tool to save your time

Timing your entry and exit in F&O is very important. For this purpose, you keep tracking the right time to place orders. However, an opportunity may get lost if you have to start from scratch to place an order.

To comfort you in your day-to-day trading, we have Cloud Orders, a simple and quick order placement tool. Just as you save your favorites movies to watch later, you can save your favorite orders to place them later with just a click.


Key Features

  • Quick & hassle-free order placement
  • Avoid price slippage due to time lost in placing order
  • Orders can be saved even after market hours
  • Place multiple orders with different instructions for a single stock

Price improvement Order:-

Improve profitability through Price Improvement Order in Futures:-

This is an order facility where you set the system to modify the order according to the price trend of the stock or index. Once order is placed, our system will automatically modify the order price as per the price trend of the stock or index and when there is a small reversal in the trend, system will trigger your order.


This product offers below opportunities
  • To catch the nearest bottom price in falling market
  • To sell stock or index at higher price, when the price of the same is increasing
To gain maximum form Price Improvement order, check the trend of the stocks
  • If there is an uptrend in the stock or index price: Choose Price Improvement sell order
  • If there is a down trend in the stock or index price: Choose Price Improvement buy order

VTC Order:-

No opportunity lost, regardless of the Price movement in the Market!

Valid Till Cancelled Order in Futures offers you the flexibility to place square off order at your desired buy / sell price in limit orders as your order gets executed only when the stock or index reaches your desired price level.


Key Features

  • Eliminates manual tracking of the stock or index price as order remains valid till expiry
  • Saves the hassle of placing the same order repeatedly each day till the stock or index reaches the desired level
Rollover with Spread Facility in Futures:

Rollover with Spread Rate where you can rollover your position on or before the expiry day at your desired price. In this facility, you have to put your spread rate i.e. the rate at which you want to rollover your positions (you can also refer rollover best bid and offer price available in market) and when the rate will come your position will execute at the rate defined by you.