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Instant Payout In 5 mins

At ICICI Securities we value both your time and money. In a quest to give you the best on both fronts we have launched the first of its kind eATM service.

With ICICIdirect eATM you can receive money within 5 minutes of selling shares from demat at no extra cost. Normally if you sell shares from demat you will have to wait for T+ 2 working days to receive funds.

We believe in revolutionizing system and with our all new eATM facility, we aim at changing the way our NRI investors have been getting access to their money in the market.

*You can also enhance your eATM limit with multiple brokerage plans.


Instant Payout within 5 mins Get cash upto 50k of share sell

Quick Disbursal No more waiting for 3 to 4 days to receive your payout

No Hidden Cost required to avail the facility

Available In BSE in more than 600 stocks

For All Customers irrespective of the brokerage plans


You can increase your eATM limit upto 1 Cr. per day with our reduced brokerage plans

Prepaid Brokerage Plan

Plan Cash Brokerage Futures (%) Options per Lot () eATM Limit
10000 1800 GST Excl 0.75% 0.040 60 10 Lac
50000 9000 GST Excl 0.50% 0.035 50 50 Lac
100000 18000 GST Excl 0.35% 0.030 40 1 Cr
200000 36000 GST Excl 0.30% 0.025 30 1 Cr
300000 54000 GST Excl 0.20% 0.020 25 1 Cr

ICICIdirect Prime Plan

Plan Delivery Brokerage Rates (%) Futures (%) Options per Lot () eATM Limit
1999 360 GST Excl 0.50 0.035 50 50 Lac
3999 720 GST Excl 0.35 0.030 40 1 Cr
7999 1440 GST Excl 0.30 0.025 30 1 Cr
11999 2160 GST Excl 0.20 0.020 25 1 Cr

Note - Brokerage of 0.15% shall be applicable on Physical Delivery of F&O contracts irrespective of brokerage plan



'eATM' which stands for 'Equity-ATM' is a facility offered by ICICIdirect wherein the customer receives funds pay out within 5 minutes of executing cash sell transaction. The customer need not to wait for T +2 days to receive the funds.

You can place eATM order from "eATM" page under equity "Place Order”. Also, eATM orders can be placed from "Cash Sell" page, where you need to select "eATM" as a product. eATM facility is available only to NRO Non PINS, NRO PINS and NRE PINS Account.

The Brokerage rate applicable for eATM trades would be same as normal cash sell product which will be as per customer's mapped Brokerage scheme

ICICIdirect.com offers the facility of eATM on both NSE and BSE. To view the list of scrips available for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity> Stock list > Select the respective exchange

In order to view the list of ETFs enabled for eATM please visit ICICIdirect.com:

Login > Equity > ETF list

ICICIdirect can add/delete scrips to/from these lists for which eATM would be permitted.

Some amount of Trade Value is withheld as 'eATM withheld amount' against your eATM sell transactions for recovery of brokerage and other statutory levies and TDS.

Example: 25% of trade value will be withheld as "eATM withheld amount" to recover brokerage and other statutory levies and say with 20% TDS. At EOD, after adjusting brokerage and other statutory levies and 20% TDS, remaining "eATM withheld amount" will be released in Equity limits.

You can place multiple trade in eATM but limit is on total transaction value. The Minimum daily limit of eATM is Rs 50000 per customer and maximum daily limit of eATM is depend on prime or prepaid plan selected. ICICIdirect can however change this limit at its discretion. This limit is inclusive of eATM trades placed on both NSE and BSE.

*Please note, if this limit is breached, then you will not be able to transact in any eATM product on that day.

I-Sec is providing eATM facility on as and when basis and has the full discretion to modify, delay or stop pay out of funds.

You can see 'eATM Withheld amount' blocked for your sale transaction in Trade Book under details. Also, 'eATM Withheld Amount' can be seen on Order Verification page at the time of order placement.

If there are other non-eATM trades in the same settlement, the payment or receipt of funds for those trades will be credited/debited separately on the normal payout or payin day respectively.

For instance:

Case 1:

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000

Cash Sell: Rs 2,000

Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 30 then Rs 2,970 (3000-30 = 2970) will be credited in your account during the day on transaction date itself as pay-out is given at frequent intervals and the balance of Rs 2,000 will be credited on the normal pay out day.

Case 2:

eATM Sell: Rs 3,000

Cash Buy: Rs 4,000

Suppose the eATM withheld amount is Rs 30 then Rs 2970 (3000-30 = 2970) will be credited in your account during the day on transaction date itself as payout is given at frequent intervals and Rs 4,000 will be debited on the T day.

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