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Introducing the Masters of MOS

4 Mins 07 Dec 2022 0 COMMENT

Till a few years ago, your life was all about linear returns. Bank fixed deposits, government provident and pension fund or post office schemes, and gold made up of your financial portfolio. Things are different now. You are a proud demat and a trading account holder. You are working towards creating a stock market portfolio that beats inflation consistently.  

However, stock market investing comes with risks. Knowledge is the power that helps you to find your way out by managing them the right way. You need to know the right stocks to buy at the right time. There is immense knowledge among those who have been there and spent years making way for new entrants. They know things that work well and things that they do not know when it comes to stock selection.

ICICI Direct’s Masters of the Street brings to you six experts for a panel discussion on equity investing in India.

1. Mr Ashish Wakankar (Founder, EquiPoise Investment Manager)

Mr Ashish Wakankar has more than three decades of experience in equity investing in India. He specializes in portfolio management, stock broking, equity research, and advisory services.

Currently, Mr Ashish is the founder of EquiPoise. Previously, he has acted as the Portfolio Manager at Deutsche Asset Management and VP of Kotak Asset Management.

Here’s the key offering from EquiPoise Investment Manager:

EquiPoise Emerging Stars Portfolio


-          A well-diversified portfolio of primarily mid-cap companies is curated to provide investors with long-term growth opportunities

-          The long-term goal is to generate superior returns


2. Mr E A Sundaram (CIO, Equities, o3 Capital)

Mr E. A. Sundaram is currently the chief investment officer and executive director of O3 Securities Private Limited. He has over three decades (31 years, to be exact) of experience in public equities and fund management. He has worked on various open-ended and close-ended funds and delivered successful returns across the board.

Here’s the key offering from o3 Capital:

o3 Thematic Opportunities Portfolio


-          Medium term theme to focus on benefitting from infrastructure and manufacturing push

-          Long term theme to last at least a decade and will focus on benefitting from continued consumerism & sectors such as health and wellness, technology, education, infrastructure and travel


3. Mr Pankaj Murarka (Founder, Alpha Portfolios Renaissance)

Mr Pankaj Muraka has extensive experience in the Indian investing niche (over two decades). He is currently the chief investment officer and co-founder of Alpha Portfolios Renaissance. He has worked with industry-leading brands such as Motilal Oswal, Merill Lynch, and Axis AMC.

He has also won several awards for his stellar work, which include Leading Fund Manager by Outlook Money and Best Performing Small Cap Fund in 2014 (for achieving returns of more than 84.3%).

Here’s the key offering from Alpha Portfolios Renaissance:

Alpha Bluechip


-          To focus on sectoral market leaders to obtain superior risk adjusted returns


4. Mr Rajesh Kothari (Founder, Alf Accurate Advisors)

Mr Rajesh Kothari is the founder and managing director of AlfAccurate Advisors. His experience in this field spans more than 25 years. He has delivered above-market risk-adjusted returns to investors over the past 11 years.

Before founding AAA, Mr Rajesh Kothari worked as a fund manager for DSP Mutual Fund. He is a prominent figure in the industry and has appeared on business news channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg.

Here’s the key offering from Alpha Portfolios Renaissance:

AAA Digital India Portfolio


-          To invest in companies that are likely to be big beneficiaries of digitalization of India


5. Mr Shailendra Kumar (Co-Founder, Narnolia)

Mr Shailendra Kumar needs no introduction to the people in the Indian investing space. He is the co-founder and chief investment officer of Narnolia (which has been operating since 1997). He has extensive experience managing Alternative Investment Funds (type 3) and PMS.

He has also authored several financial and academic papers and has been published in reputed journals. He is known for being one of the leading experts in stock selection and portfolio allocation.

Here’s the key offering from Narnolia Investment Advisors:

NS 5TX5T Investment Advisory Portfolio


-          Invest in subsets of 4-6 themes among multiple themes underlying economic growth

-          All three market segments will be represented, namely large, mid and small caps


6. Mr. Sunil Singhania (Founder, Abakkus Smart)

Mr Sunil Singhania is currently the founder of Abakkus Smart. Abakkus is an asset management firm which was set up in 2018. Mr Sunil is qualified to be a CA and is a CFA charter holder.

Overall, he has more than two decades of experience in the Indian investing space (with a focus on equity). He has acted as the CIO of a highly reputed fund Reliance Mutual Fund (now known as Nippon India Mutual Fund).

Here’s the key offering from Abbakus Smart:

Abbakus Smart Focused Alpha Portfolio


-          To focus on generating alpha over the markets rather than simply allocating to benchmarks.

-          To invest in companies with higher profitability expectations than the market average


Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that MOS consists of the leading experts in the equity investing field in India. The combined experience these experts bring to the table is hundreds of years.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to start investing in equities, you should consider following these Masters. The best time to invest was yesterday, but the second best time is now. Find out more about Masters of the Street here and subscribe today.

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