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Grab the right trading opportunity quickly with Cloud Order

Intraday trading is all about the timing.

Cloud Order is a feature for placing quick orders in Intraday (Margin), Cover (Margin plus), Cash and eATM.

You can save orders anytime – before, during or after market hours.

Simply enter and save details of your favourite stocks in the Cloud Order section of your ICICIdirect.com and place orders in with a click, using this feature.

You can place your orders by clicking on the Buy/Sell link available against each order saved on the Cloud Order page under the Stock section of the trading account.

The Cloud Order feature is designed to save your time and you need not enter all the order details every time you want to place an order. It prevents multiple selections in real-time. You can easily select stocks, quantity, price, expiry, etc.

You can click 'Add to My Cloud' button available on Cloud Order page under Stocks. This will open a page Add to My Cloud where you can enter and save the order details like Exchange Code, Stock Code, Quantity, Order Type and Limit Price for Intraday (Margin).

You can add a Cloud Order anytime during market hours as well as before or after market hours.