What are Premium Portfolios

Premium Portfolios are well curated equity portfolios that are created and managed by our award winning ICICI Direct Research Team. With Premium Portfolio, you get to invest in a stock portfolio investing across themes, style and market capitalization, aiming for long term wealth creation. The portfolio construction follows a concentrated approach investing into 15 to 25 handpicked stocks. Premium portfolio would help smoothen your investment journey in equities by providing complete end to end online platform to invest, track performance and rebalance your portfolio in few clicks. You can have access to individual portfolio by paying nominal subscription fee. Thus with Premium Portfolio, one can build a low cost, diversified and long term portfolio.


Pay less buy more

Curated portfolios of 15-25 stocks

Cashless trading

Designed by award winning ICICIdirect Research

Cashless trading

Invest, Track & Rebalance your portfolio in few clicks

Cashless trading

End to end platform for execution

Cashless trading

Avail the benefits for any portfolio for a subscription fee

Portfolios Available for Subscription


India Rising

Presenting India Rising Premium Portfolio, a portfolio investing into companies which are expected to benefit from changes in technology space, digitization of business models, making India a global supply hub and domestic consumption story.
Product Presentation:
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Presenting Leaders of Tomorrow Premium portfolio, a portfolio investing into handpicked small cap stocks that potentially could become the winners of tomorrow. Small caps are high beta segments and are poised to do well in a growing economy.
Product Presentation:
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Cashless trading

Perfect blend of market cap types, covering broader market

Cashless trading

Exposure to diverse industries & sectors

Cashless trading

High returns potential from exposure in mid/small caps; stability from large caps

Cashless trading

Winner keeps rotating: broader exposure ensures participation across sectors and across market cycles

Product Presentation:
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Presenting Capital Compounders Portfolio, a portfolio investing into companies that have an established business model, a strong balance sheet & top notch management pedigree. One gets to invest into companies that have industry leading products and have delivered superior capital efficiency ratios over a period of time.
Product Presentation:
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Premium Portfolio
Premium Portfolio


Webinar on Premium Portfolio by Mr. Pankaj Pandey, Head – Research, ICICI Direct

FAQs on Premium Portfolio

Premium Portfolios are curated baskets of equity portfolios, designed by our award winning Research team, with the objective of helping investors achieve long term wealth creation.
Premium Portfolios are a basket of 15-25 handpicked stocks which invest into across themes, style and market capitalization, as per the mandate of the portfolio.
Premium Portfolios are designed by our Research team after extensive analysis on quantitative and qualitative parameters on each stock included in the basket. The objective of such portfolios is to help investors with the complexities of investing and managing an equity portfolio. With Premium Portfolios, you can invest, track performance and manage portfolios in few clicks.
Premium Portfolio is available on our website (new site). The entire journey of portfolio subscription, investment, portfolio rebalancing, withdrawal is possible on the same platform.
In order to invest in any of the portfolio, you will need to subscribe to the portfolio first. You can avail the benefits of any individual portfolio by paying a subscription fee. Subscribing to a portfolio gives you following benefits:
a. View the portfolio strategy & composition
b. Make initial investment in the portfolio
c. Access to Research View of each stock in the portfolio
d. Make additional investments
e. Track performance of portfolio – overall gain & XIRR %
f. Periodic updates & commentary on portfolio
g. Execute portfolio rebalancing in few clicks
Each portfolio subscription is valid for a defined period e.g. 91 days (quarter). Subscription fee for the first instalment is debited upfront, while the renewal fees will be charged at the end of the validity.
Any investor with 3-in-1 account with ICICIdirect can subscribe to Premium Portfolios. Investors with trading & demat account with ICICIdirect can also subscribe to Premium Portfolios by linking any non ICICI bank account. Presently these portfolios are offered only to resident account holders.
After logging into the new site, visit ‘Premium Portfolio’ page. a. Select any portfolio of your choice and click on the portfolio tile b. You will see basic details of the portfolio i.e. Market Cap breakup, Sector Allocation, Top 5 Holdings & strategy of the portfolio c. FAQ & Presentation link is accessible from this page. Presentation contains the strategy and mandate of the portfolio d. Check the Subscription Fee Details (fee amount & validity), read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click on ‘Subscribe’ button e. After clicking on ‘Subscribe’, you will be redirected to auto debit consent page. After accepting for allowing upfront debit of subscription fee and auto debit for subsequent instalments, the initial subscription fee will be blocked under MF Allocation limit. Once the required amount is blocked, your subscription for the portfolio is enabled and you can proceed with initial investment f. Post subscription, you can view the stocks and quantities/weightage of the portfolio. A separate presentation named ‘Research View’ is also uploaded here which details the portfolio strategy as well as the individual stock wise rationale/view by Research Team g. Input the amount that you wish to invest (subject to minimum Rs. 500,000) and click on ‘Invest Now’ h. Basket Order will be created for the initial investment. Upon confirming the order details, orders will be placed in the system and you can view the same from ‘View Trade Book’ page under My Premium Portfolio section
Each portfolio will be open for subscription for limited time period only, just like a Mutual Fund New Fund Offering (NFO). The exact dates when a particular portfolio will remain open will be communicated periodically through banners on website, mailers. Status of the subscription will also be visible on the respective portfolio tile.
Once you have subscribed to any portfolio, same will get reflected under My Premium Portfolio > Subscription Details.
In order to make the initial investment in already subscribed portfolio, you will have to visit the respective portfolio tile from Premium Portfolio home page.
If you made any investment in the portfolio, details of the same (Investment Value, Current Value, Overall Gain etc.) will start reflecting by the end of day. This is applicable for all basket orders placed through Premium Portfolio platform.
For all portfolios where you have made the initial investment, same will be available for display in My Premium Portfolio > Portfolio page. Following are the details visible in this page:
a. Portfolio Summary & Performance:
i. Net Invested Amount - Sum of cost value of all the stocks currently held in your portfolio
ii. Current Value - Sum of market value of all the stocks currently held in your portfolio
iii. Overall Gain - Difference between Current Value & Net Invested Amount
iv. Returns (XIRR %) – XIRR % returns calculated on the transactions in your portfolio. This is computed using MS Excel XIRR function. For portfolios less than a year, absolute return is displayed. While, XIRR annualized returns are shown for portfolio more than a year old.
b. Initiate Rebalance: This tab will create basket orders when rebalancing is triggered in the portfolio, as per the changes initiated in the portfolio. A portfolio update message / commentary on the rebalancing changes is also updated and displayed as a text message on this page. We suggest you to execute the rebalancing as soon as possible, to ensure your portfolio is in sync with the model portfolio. This tab is enabled only when rebalance is triggered in your portfolio. At all other times, you will receive an error message stating rebalancing is not triggered in the portfolio.
c. Invest More: You can make additional investments in the portfolio through this tab. You just have to input the amount that you have chosen to invest and basket orders will be created.
d. Exit Portfolio: If you wish to exit all the stocks in your portfolio, you can do the same by selecting Exit Portfolio tab, and the basket order will be created. Please keep 2 points in mind before using this tab:
i. The portfolio quantity in Exit Portfolio basket will be the same quantities as you can see in your portfolio page. If you had initiated a purchase transaction (Invest More / Initiate Rebalance / Initial Investment) in the last 2 trading days, the stock wise quantity from that transaction will be reflecting in this page even though it takes 2 days for the quantities to be credited in your demat account. If sell order is placed for the stock which is not yet credited in your demat account, the order will fail to be placed and will remain pending in ‘Unexecuted Orders’ tab.
ii. Exiting the entire portfolio will only result in selling of all stocks. Your subscription to the portfolio will continue.
e. Unexecuted Orders: All orders which fail to be placed or executed post basket order creation stage (through Initiate Rebalance, Invest More, Exit Portfolio), will be captured here. You can then use this tab to place such unexecuted orders again at a later time. Note that till the time there are pending unexecuted orders in your portfolio, you will not be able to place any other basket order (Initiate Rebalance / Invest More / Exit Portfolio). This is to ensure your portfolio remains in sync with the model portfolio.
f. Mismatch in Portfolio: This tab will help you identify any deviation in holdings of stock wise quantities in all of your Premium Portfolios vs the stock wise quantities in your demat account. It could happen that you may use some of the quantities of stocks bought through Premium Portfolio, and pledge the same for margin. Or if you end up selling these stocks from general Equity place order page. Any such deviation in quantity holdings will be reflected here.
Once our Research Team decides to initiate portfolio rebalancing, the relevant portfolio changes will be made in the portfolio composition. For all existing subscribers of the portfolio, ‘Initiate Rebalance’ tab will be enabled. Rebalancing basket orders will be created by just clicking on the tab, and orders placed for execution. For new subscribers, they will be able to invest in the new portfolio composition.
Once rebalancing is initiated, automated emails will be sent to all active portfolio subscribers informing them about the rebalance. Pop up notification will be displayed on the website when the subscriber logs on the website and clicks on ‘Research’ and ‘Premium Portfolio’ link.
Apart from ‘Portfolio’ page explained above, below details are accessible under My Premium Portfolio section:
a. View Order Book: Each lumpsum investment request will be captured in this page with investment amount & timestamp
b. View Trade Book: Each lumpsum investment made will be a basket order among the portfolio stocks. You can get a stock wise order flow details for each basket order in this page
c. Subscription Details: Subscription details of all portfolios currently subscribed by the investor is displayed here, with key details like Subscription Date, Subscription Status, Validity Start & End Date, Previous & Next Debit Date. You can also view the portfolio level strategy presentation with stock wise rationale, uploaded in this page for reference
d. Fee Details: This page will display the details of subscription fee paid by the investor for each portfolio subscription. Fee amount displayed will be incl. GST, with the actual status of fee debit
Presently SIP functionality is not available, however SIP option will also be made available soon.
For any subscriber, portfolio level Subscription Fee is the cost that he pays for availing the benefits of any portfolio. Additionally, brokerage charges will be levied on all basket order transactions as per the applicable brokerage plan of the subscriber.
No changes are being allowed in the basket order creation, as the idea is to follow a model portfolio and ensure all changes in model portfolio is acted upon by the investor as well.

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