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Block Deals - Rules & Impact in Share Market

ICICIdirect 6 Mins 22 Mar 2024

March has been a special month for investors - the market touched an all-time high. However, one of the things that has made investors cautious is the number and size of block deals that have happened in March so far. The block deal trend has been around for a few months now. Let us look at the details and understand if investors need to worry about it.

What are block deals?

First things first, let us comprehend block deals. We want you to understand that they are not regular buy-and-sell transactions that happen on stock exchanges. They are different. Let us see how.

A block deal refers to a transaction involving a large quantity of stocks being bought or sold at an agreed-upon price between two parties. Typically, block deals involve institutional investors, such as mutual funds, insurance companies, or large financial institutions, and the transaction size is significantly larger than the average trade size in the market.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) defines a block deal as a single transaction of a minimum quantity of shares or a minimum value of Rs 5 crore. Block deals are executed separately from regular market trading and are often negotiated privately between the parties involved, usually with the help of brokers. These deals are reported to the stock exchanges after execution, typically with a short delay to prevent any impact on the market price due to the large transaction. 

Rules for block deals

Here are a few rules related to block rules:

  • Block deals can be executed only in stocks that are part of the Futures and Options segment and have a market cap of at least Rs. 500 crore.
  • The block deal window is open for 35 minutes in the morning trading session from 9:15 am to 9:50 am. And another 35 minutes in the afternoon trading session from 2:05 pm to 2:40 pm.
  • The price of the block deal must be within a certain range of the prevailing market price, as determined by the exchange.

Blocks deal in recent months

Several private equity funds, promoters, and global investment funds have been involved in the block deals. Let us look at the numbers from the recent months:

  • December 2023: Rs 53,000 crore
  • January 2024: Rs 21,000 crore
  • February 2024: Rs 41,200 crore
  • March 2024*: Rs 55,000

*as of 20th March 2024

For March 2024, which companies saw block deals happening? Quite a few. Let us look at those numbers also:


Equity Exchanged

Block Deal(crore)



Rs 17,500



Rs 9,300



Rs 6,800



Rs 5,800



Rs 3,600



Rs 2,800



Rs 1,800


Among the block deals, promoters have reduced stakes TCS, M&M, Bharti Airtel, and Mahindra & Mahindra.

Impact of block deals: Retail Investors

There is no direct impact on the retail investors when a block deal happens. However, there are some indirect impacts which they should know:

  • Market Impact: Block deals can sometimes provide signals about the sentiment surrounding a particular stock or the broader market. For instance, a large block sale by a major shareholder might indicate their lack of confidence in the company's future prospects, which could influence retail investors' perceptions.
  • Price Discovery: Block deals can contribute to price discovery, influencing the prevailing market price of a stock. While these transactions occur off-market and don't immediately affect the stock's price, they can indirectly influence market sentiment and subsequent trading activity.
  • Liquidity: Block deals contribute to the overall liquidity of the market. Institutional investors often engage in block trades to efficiently buy or sell large quantities of securities without significantly impacting market prices. This liquidity indirectly benefits retail investors by providing smoother trading conditions.
  • Volatility: In some cases, particularly when unexpected or significant block deals occur, they can lead to short-term volatility in the stock price. Retail investors actively trading may need to be aware of such volatility, and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Before you go

Block deals serve as vital components, shaping market dynamics and providing valuable insights into investor behavior. Understanding the nature and implications of block deals is crucial for you, especially if you seek to navigate the complexities of the market effectively.

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