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FInoux 10 Mins 20 Jan 2023

ICICIdirect MarketsApp is a Share Market Mobile Trading App which allows traders to invest in Stocks, Futures & Options (F&O), Commodities and Currency. Not just this – users can also invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) using this application. It has never seen before features with Interactive User Interface and Experience (UI-UX). Markets App is an advanced yet user friendly trading app which one can download on their smartphone (Android or iOS) and start their trading and investment journey with ease.

The App comes with Live Streaming Charts, OI Graphs on Option Chain, Swipe to Buy-Sell feature (for faster transaction), Consolidated P&L across asset classes, Biometric based login, Personalized Watch list, Pre-defined lists, Easy Options, Trade Execution Algos, Research Recommendations on App and much more. The app also comes in Dark Mode, thereby enhancing visual ergonomics. Now stay on the top of the stock market and trade conveniently on the go using Markets App.

Nonetheless, our Marketsapp has some exciting features available to all our customers, and Guess What? – They are FREE! Let us deep dive in some of the features brought to you by ICICIdirect MarketsApp:

  • Flash Trade:  In the world, where everything is INSTANT, why not trade in Options instantly? Especially if you are an F&O trader, who likes chartings, super quick entries and exits at a really high frequency, Flash Trade gives you all under one roof! The Flash Trade allows users to place orders, track market movement, use indicators, track your profit and loss real time, set an auto-exit timer, and a lot of other features – ALL IN ONE SCREEN. Flash Trade also helps you become a more focused & disciplined trader because there’s only one chart so no distractions and you can stick to your trading plan. You also don’t let greed take over and ruin your plans your losses are limited too.
  • e-ATM: Now, encash your shares within 5 minutes with ICICIdirect eATM. With ICICIdirect eATM you can receive money within 5 minutes of selling shares from demat at no extra cost. Normally if you sell shares from demat you will have to wait for T+ 2 working days to receive funds. 
  • Trading View Charts: With ICICI Direct, you now get to choose from over 100 indicators while trading. Isn’t this amazing? As a trader, it is extremely important to monitor multiple charts at the same time. The Trading View Charts feature in the Marketsapp offers a multi-chart layout up to 8 Charts on a single screen! Another vital characteristic about this is – the volume profile with Fixed & Visible Range. Traders can now start predicting using the long/short prediction & Measurement tools.
  • Order Slicing: Order Slicing is also known as Execution Algos. With Execution Algos, you don’t need to execute a 1,000-quantity order all at once. With algorithms like TWAP, it allows you to SLICE your order into smaller bits, and it’ll execute each order slice in fixed time intervals of as low as 1 second. So, you’re effectively buying one slice at this level, one at this one, one here, one here and so on. So, instead of buying everything at a certain price, you’re averaging the price out. It is such a great way to deal with market volatility, reduce human errors, and reduce trade slippage, isn’t it?
  • Research Functionality: The research functionality with ICICI Direct Marketsapp covers the in and out of the market. Our 32 fundamental research analysts cover 220 companies across various sectors and generate highest number of reports. These inclusive research reports help you make the right investment decisions. Our Research team has won multiple awards in this domain. So, you get a detailed report, from the top-class research analysts!
  • Basket Orders: Basket Orders functionality allows you to place more than one or multiple orders with a single click. With Basket Orders in F&O, you can now save valuable time by placing several orders at one click of the button. F&O traders can now place multiple multi-legged strategy orders in a single click and also view the overall margin required in saved baskets with the Basket Order platform available on ICICIdirect. You can add multiple contracts to a single basket and save it. Adding new contracts to a basket and placing orders through Basket Order is a fast and simple process.

With all these features on one screen, aren’t you ready to explore trading like never before?

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