Online Advantage

Insta Account

Presenting Inst @ Account, an online and paperless Mutual Fund Investment account. The next time you invest in mutual funds, invest only your money not your time. With the new Inst@ Account from ICICIdirect.com, you can invest in Mutual Funds online, without hassles, without delays and without paperwork. Open an Inst@ Account today!

Mobile App for Partners

Our Business Partners can now access all the information through new Business Partner mobile App that also has additional features to cater to a modern Business Partner on the go. It has several unique features like ‘Push Transaction’, feature a powerful dashboard. Through the app, our Partner will also be able to inform customers about market trends, upcoming investment opportunities etc.

Account Opening Online

Open a 3-in-1 account today, and experience the convenience of having your Savings, Trading and Demat accounts linked, so that the movement of securities/funds takes place automatically and seamlessly.

Money Manager

Monthly Personal Finance Magazine “Money Manager” has advice for customers across asset classes. ICICIdirect Money Manager Magazine is a monthly personal finance publication by ICICIdirect, providing credible research, actionable investing ideas and comprehensive analysis to its readers.

Partners Portal

Our Business Partner have access to a dedicated Portal, which provides information on transaction done by their customers and investment related information and analytics, helping them to guide their customer in their investment journey.