The age of information has spoilt us for choice. Ironically, it has also served to confuse us with the variety of choices available to pick from. Take for instance, the surplus of food options you can now readily order at the click of a button. The choice of restaurant, the selection of dishes, and then the all-important question of nutrition over taste can overwhelm you unless a curator can break it down in easy terms. The same holds true for a far more important aspect of life - financial investments.

7 reasons to invest in Mutual Funds

A mutual fund pools in money from various investors and invests it in various types of underlying securities. They prove to be a great investment tool for growing ones’ wealth. Irrespective of your risk appetite and investment horizon, there is a mutual fund for everyone. However, investing in mutual funds for the wrong reasons can result in a bad investment.

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What are arbitrage mutual funds?

An arbitrage fund is defined as a mutual fund that leverages the price difference in the cash and derivatives market to make a profit.

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How to transfer shares from one demat account to another?

We all frequently operate our demat accounts during the buying and selling of shares in share market. The buying of shares results in our demat account being credited, whereas when you sell the shares, the securities are debited from the account.

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How do I know my demat account number?

Before we explore how to know the demat account number, let’s take a closer look at what is a demat account. For starters, a demat account is just like a bank account.

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Passive mutual funds: All you need to know!

Passive mutual funds are exchange traded funds and funds that invest in index, thereby ensuring stable returns without much risk over the long term. Here’s all you need to know about these funds

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What is Long Term Capital Gain?

Any income that accrues from the sale of a capital asset (like shares, real estate, bonds, commodity etc.) is considered a capital gain, and taxed as either short or long term capital gains (LTCG/STCG) depending on the holding duration. Here’s a break down of LTCG and its tax implications.

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7 things new Mutual Fund investors need to know

Mutual funds are an excellent tool that helps build your investment portfolio. But if you are new to the world of mutual funds, it’s essential that you first learn the nuances to reap maximum benefits. 

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What is an IPO? How can I apply in an IPO with my demat account?

An Initial Public Offering is when a private company offers shares to the public for the first time. Before filing for an IPO, the company must fulfil certain conditions set by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

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How to trade in commodity?

Commodities refer to essential items that are exchangeable and can be bought and sold. Be it food, metals, energy, or resources – commodities are fundamental for life, and investors can trade them on commodity exchanges similar to shares and bonds for profit.

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7 best tax saving options available for you

If you want to avail of deductions to reduce your tax burden instead of opting for a flat rate, you need to do some planning before investing in tax-saving instruments. This is because not all of them offer the same kind of benefits, returns, liquidity, etc

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