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CDSL Demat Account Statement - All You Need To Know

3 Mins 22 Mar 2023 0 COMMENT


The demat account statement is at the core of your relationship with your demat account. The CDSL account statement, or simply put, the CDSL statement, can be downloaded either from your DP website, or from your trading account or even the CDSL website can provide you with a CDSL statement download. The CDSL account statement comprises the transaction statement and CDSL holding statement. The demat holding statement CDSL, therefore, represents the flows and the stock with CDSL demat account.

What does the CDSL account statement actually tell you? It shows the flow of transactions as to how stocks come and how stocks go out. It also shows the holdings at a point of time which is your wealth statement. Here is what you need to know about CDSL demat account statement.


Essentially, they are one and the same in structure and form. The only difference is that they are having different two different central depositories. Your demat account can be with CDSL or with NSDL and accordingly you can download the demat account statement. The holdings have to be registered with either of the two national central depositories i.e. either with CDSL or with NSDL. For your information, the two central depositories are NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). The DP where you have your demat account can be registered with NSDL or with CDSL. A demat account is normally registered with only one central depository.

The CDSL CAS is a statement that depicts the holdings and also the transactions of your Demat account. These can pertain to your holdings in equity shares, mutual funds, index ETFs, gold ETFs, government securities, corporate bonds or even RBI gold bonds. The CDSL Demat account statement shows all details of the total number of shares you hold, the date and time you purchased them, the date and time you sold shares and market value of your investments updated on a real time basis (normally). These help you get an understanding of all your investments which helps you to generate capital gains statements too.


CDSL Demat account statement helps investors to understand all their investments and get the details of transactions done in a particular period. Broadly, there are two types of demat statements viz. statement of holdings and statement of accounts.

a) The Statement of Holdings is a summary of all the buying and selling of securities in a period with the outcome of the same in the form of holdings. For instance, a sales leads to a demat debit and reduction in holdings. A purchase of a stock leads to demat credit and increase in the holdings. The statement of holdings gives you a picture of stocks held, locked-in balance, lien balance, pledge balance, free balance etc.

b) The Statement of Accounts is an elaborate explanation of transactions done in the demat account during a specific period. It includes details of securities and shares bought and sold as well as other changes to the demat account like bonus, splits, shares received via transmission, shares received via gifts etc.


Here are some basic things you must verify in a CAS sent by CDSL.

  • Ensure that personal details like name, age, address, pan, Aadhar card, bank details etc are correct and updated.
  • Check the NAV or the net asset value of your consolidated statement as it almost doubles up as a net worth statement for you.
  • Reconcile transaction with your trading ledger and with your contract notes to ensure that all transactions are properly reflected in the demat account at CDSL.
  • Check corporate actions like dividends, rights, bonus issues and stock splits are properly reflected in the CDSL demat account.


Here are the steps to access your CDSL holding statement:

1. Visit the CDSL website (https://www.CDSLindia.com)

2. Once you click on CAS login, enter your PAN Number

3. Next step is to enter your (Beneficiary Owner) BO ID i.e. your 16-digit numerical Demat Account mentioned on your account statement along with date of birth

4. Once you enter the captcha to verify you are not a robot, you get an OTP on your registered mobile and email. You need to click on the OTP and submit for output.

5. You can download the CDSL statement after submitting the OTP.

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