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How to Download Demat Holding Statement

3 Mins 24 Mar 2023 0 COMMENT


How do you download the demat account holding statement of your depository participant (DP) holdings? The demat account is like a bank account that holds securities instead of cash. One of the key documents through which you can check the status of your DP holdings is through the demat holding statement. The question is can we do the same irrespective of whether it is an NSDL account or a CDSL demat account?

The DP holding statement or simply put, the DP statement, for checking the demat holdings can be downloaded either from the DP or it can be downloaded from the website of NSDL or CDSL (the 2 central depositories). In this segment, we look at in detail at how to download DP account holding statement. Remember the demat transaction is different from the demat holding statement. While the former is a flow, the latter is a stock.

Power of Online Demat Access

Today, if you want to buy and sell stocks or ETFs in the market, you need a trading account and a demat account. The trading account helps you to execute transactions in the capital market while the demat account helps you to hold the assets in demat (electronic) form. Other than equities and ETFs, demat accounts can also hold Mutual Funds, government securities, private sector bonds, RBI gold bonds, gold ETFs etc. Demat Accounts save you the hassles of holding and handling physical share certificates.

Thanks to the digital shift i.e. online trading plus online demat has come as a blessing in disguise. The transition to digital platforms for securities trading has resulted in a more convenient, seamless and trouble-free trading experience. The demat holding statement download ability is a significant benefit of the online demat infrastructure. More importantly, even the approval, authorization and the movement of demat assets can be seamless in online.

What is Demat Account Holding Statemnet?

The demat account holding statement, accessible through a demat account app, provides an overview of your security transactions over a particular period. This is a flow statement. The demat holdings statement is the stock statement. While the DP transaction statement acts as conclusive proof of movement of securities through the demat account, the demat holding statement acts as the conclusive proof of ownership of securities; a statement of ownership.

Demat Account holders with securities to their credit can access this statement online to get a feel of how they transacted, and the impact of such transactions on demat holdings. You can get shares into your demat via off-market transfers, via gifts, via transmission or via on-market trades resulting in delivery. All these transactions will show in the DP transaction statement and culminate as demat holdings. It is incumbent on each and every investor to regularly review the demat holding statement and the demat transaction statement and reconcile with other documents like the stock ledger, contract notes etc.

Demat Ecosystem in India and How it Works

Broadly, at the top there are the two central depositories viz. NSDL and CDSL. Between them they handle over 10.7 crore investor demat accounts. It is not feasible for NSDL and CDSL to directly interface with 10.7 crore accounts so this is executed through depository participants (DP). Each DP is affiliated to NSDL or CDSL or in most cases, they are affiliated to both central depositories. Depository Participant (DP) acts as a bridge between the trader and the securities market. Such DPs hold shares on behalf of the central depositories and can be banks, brokers or other agencies. NSDL and CDSL register DPs across the country.

How To Download A Demat Holding Statement?

It is possible to download the demat account statement either from the DP or directly from the depository (NSDL or CDSL).

  • How to download the DP statement from the Depository Participant (DP)? In most cases, the DP and the broker are the same, so the trading account and demat account are seamlessly linked in a single chain. The online trading account access can also be used to access demat account transactions. It is possible to check the Demat Account holding statement through this trading platform itself. The trading platform has the option to access the details of your demat account. You can check account details here and download the Demat holding statements too. This is the standard protocol that most brokers use.
  • How to download the demat statement from the central depository (NSDL or CDSL)? If your DP account is an NSDL account, you have to visit the NSDL website to log in. Here you must enter the 14-character alphanumeric Demat Account number to download the holding statement. If your DP is CDSL registered, visit the CDSL website and log in. Use your 16-digit numerical Demat Account number to download the Demat holding statement.

Remember, the demat holding statement is a confidential document so the depository and the depository participant will insist on multiple levels of authentication and verification before allowing you to download the statement. It is just about your safety.

Benefits Demat Holding Statement

A demat holding statement offers several benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: It provides a convenient and secure way to hold securities in electronic form, eliminating the need of physical certificates.
  • Ease of Transfer: Transferring securities between accounts or individuals becomes easier and faster compared to the traditional power-based system.
  • Reduced Risk: It reduces the risk of theft, loss, or damage associated with physical share certificates.
  • Liquidity: Dematerialised securities can be easily traded on stock exchanges, enhancing liquidity for investors.
  • Cost Savings: It eliminated the costs associated with handling and storing physical certificates, such as stamp duty and courier charges.
  • Efficiency: Investors can access their holdings and transaction history online, enabling them to track their investments more efficiently.
  • Corporate Actions: Demat accounts facilitate seamless participation in corporate actions like dividends, bonus issues, and rights offerings. 

Remember, the demat holding statement is a confidential document so the depository and the depository participant will insist on multiple levels of authentication and verification before allowing you to download the statement. It is just about your own safety.