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Types of Insurance one must have

2 Mins 21 Feb 2022 0 COMMENT


Buying an Insurance Policy is an investment that you make to safeguarding yourself and your loved ones from the uncertainties that life throws at you. There are several type of Insurance available in the market that are specifically designed to meet different risks. Insurance Policy needs and threat perceptions differ from one individual to another. Still, there are primary products that most people take up. Let us examine these basic ones:

Life Insurance

Life is a precious gift, and loss can be devastating. The emotional and psychological sufferings take years to recover from. Besides, a monetary gap arises due to the death of an earning individual. Precisely why, Life Insurance is essential.

A basic term Life Insurance Policy guarantees payment of a specific amount to the Insurance nominee at the end of the period if the insurer, unfortunately, does not survive the term. This alleviates some of the financial stress caused by the death of an earning individual.

Health Insurance

Health is wealth. In line with the Life Insurance Policy, another policy you must sign up for is Health Insurance. The cost of medical expenses is at an all-time high today. An emergency visit to the doctor due to health concerns results in hefty medical bills. A Health Insurance Policy makes you more confident if your medical diagnosis needs you to get admitted to a healthcare facility.

Car Insurance

In India, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the government mandates all automobile owners to have a corresponding Car Insurance Policy for their vehicles. Not complying with this rule leads to fines and penalties that you need to avoid.

While the government only needs a minimal Third-Party Liability Car Insurance Policy to hold compulsorily, you may consider buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance because of the overall benefits to you, your vehicle, and any Third-Party that you may or may not injure.

Travel Insurance

The next type of Insurance Policyto considering buying is Travel Insurance Policy. Travelling is an investment that you make towards creating safe memories with your loved ones. The last thing you would want during your travel is for any unfavourable situation to disrupt the plans. Travel Insurance offers you applicable coverages ranging from support during the loss of luggage to travel documents to compensation in case of flight cancellation, delay, etc.

Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents happen anytime and anywhere. Depending on the intensity, your injuries are detrimental to your future life. A Personal Accident Insurance Policy is an excellent way to seek out financial support if you suffer any bodily injury that limits your ability to perform duties that you earlier could. There are variations to this Insurance Policy, ranging from temporary, partial, total disability.


Before you decide on the must-have Insurance policies, carry out due diligence and research for making an informed decision. The lists are the broad categories of Insurance products that you can undertake but remember that there are multiple variations within these categories.


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