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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, is a comprehensive trip cover for an individual covering your travel, especially international travel insurance where the covers are offered against certain instances or eventualities like emergency hospitalization, loss of baggage, accident, etc.

Key Features

There are a range of travel insurance plans which cover the medical eventualities including hospitalisation due to unexpected illness or injury and other medical benefits like daily allowance for hospitalisation and dental treatment. It also offers additional benefits like fire cover, burglary cover, compassionate visit & various other value added services.


ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance provides a gamut of coverages and plans to suit every individual’s need. The various available options of ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance, covers travelers from the age of 3 months to 85 years, without any medical check-up for policy issuance. The policy covers not only your safety but also provides value added services for your family members back home.

  1. Comprehensive plans with extensive coverages
  2. Coverage available upto 360 days( Original policy for 180 days and extension for additional 180 days)
  3. No medical test required upto 85 years age
  4. Value added services for dependents in India
  5. Pay per day : Slab rate for first 7 days only, then pay per day basis
Care- Explore - Travel worry free with this award winning Travel insurance Plan. Right from trip cancellation to hospitalization and compensating for lost baggage, this policy covers all your needs. It includes:
  1. Hospitalisation cover incase of emergency
  2. Double SI for Accidental hospitalisation
  3. Pre-existing Disease coverage
  4. Loss of passport and baggage
  5. Trip delay, cancellation or interuption
  6. Upgradation of Business class
  7. Customised plans as per regional requirements