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Things We Must Learn from Goddess Durga about Finance

2 Mins 06 Oct 2022 0 COMMENT

Durga Puja is a joyous event representing the triumph of good over evil. It marks the divinity of women power by celebrating the defeat of the demon Mahishasura in Goddess Durga’s hands.

If you think about it, there are financial lessons you can take away from Goddess Durga’s victory. Here are a few essential financial lessons we can learn from the rich cultural heritage of Durga Puja.

The end is just the beginning

The first step in investing is to save deliberately, that is, to limit your spending. Eliminate excessive spending tendency, which is an unhealthy financial habit and develop good habits like saving money, just as Navratri represents the victory of good over evil. You should stop making impulsive purchases and prevent getting into debt. Borrowing impulsively might lead to a condition of debt overload and jeopardise your long-term financial stability.

Therefore, just as you clean your house for this festival to attract good vibes, clear your finances as well. Get rid of debt and instead direct your focus on making wise investments from your funds using a carefully crafted investment portfolio.

Have patience

It is essential for your future financial well-being to maintain your focus on your goal-based financial strategy, just as the Goddess Durga did when she killed the demon for the benefit of all humanity. Do not be influenced by sudden changes in policy, the market, or any other short-term difficulties.

It is essential to be focused and patient when investing to reach your financial objectives. Patience is gold; you need not be concerned if you have prudently engaged in investment planning to develop a solid investment portfolio of reliable instruments.

Change is a prerequisite

Festivals reinforce our faith in our roots and give us a new perspective to look at life and review our objectives and goals. Similarly, reviewing your portfolio frequently will help you stay on track, create wealth, and meet your financial targets. Replacing inappropriate investments in your portfolio with new ones will quickly bring you nearer to your goals. You must also ensure that performance of your stocks is in line with the deadline of your financial target.

You should periodically examine and monitor your investment portfolio. Additionally, it enables you to search for other investment options to create a reliable revenue source. Use the money you make to create additional wealth or generate returns to achieve financial independence.

Ignorance is not bliss

It is an ideal blend of advice, historical style writing, rules, mythology, ritual, guidance, and encouragement that people find in sacred books and religious literature. Similarly, try reading up on investments and conducting research to expand your expertise so that you can choose wisely when making investments.

When unsure how to approach investing, you should seek advice from financial experts. Just as we occasionally hire a pundit while performing puja. A competent financial planner will support you in your financial decision-making process by offering unbiased, ethical, and research-based solutions and guidance.


The tenth day of Navratri, also known as Dussehra or “Vijayadashmi,” represents the demise of evil and the beginning of good. End your negative financial habits this year and start a new journey with discipline, attention, and a positive mindset that will improve your monetary fate.

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