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Reasons For Your Used Car Loan Rejection and How to Fix It

3 Mins 13 Nov 2021 0 COMMENT


There are numerous formalities to be followed in the process of an auto loan. Sometimes, taking a vehicle loan may not come easy, and there can be several reasons for your used car loan rejection. Nonetheless, you can take specific steps to enhance your chances of being approved for future applications.

If your loan application has been denied, you can follow these tips before applying for a used car loan again:

  • Eliminate the negative marks and errors from your credit report:

    When seeking a vehicle loan, make sure to eliminate any inaccurate information or errors that may be present in your credit report. Review your credit report after you have determined the reason for the dismissal of your application. Inaccurate marks, such as past-due accounts, can affect your loan eligibility. As you review your credit report, verify that each account listed belongs to you and is accurately updated.

  • Keep a check on your credit score:

    Financiers commonly use the FICO scoring model, which has a range of scores from 350 to 850. Lenders check your borrower's risk based on this score. If you have a good credit score (at least 670), your application is more likely to be approved. If your score falls, you may get a high interest rate on your loan. In some cases, you may not be eligible for a loan at all.
    Keeping a diligent check on your credit score can ensure that your application for an auto loan does not get rejected. Monitoring your score also helps you improve your score in time, so it does not drop drastically low.

  • Understand the reasons for your used car loan rejection:

    It is vital to note the central aspects that caused your used car loan rejection. Try to understand why your vehicle loan application was denied before you try to reapply. There are many possible reasons for rejection, such as failing to meet the lender's debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and minimum credit score requirements, having negative figures on your credit report, or applying for a large amount of cash at once.
    If you are unable to determine the reason on your own, you can contact the lender for assistance. It is your right to ask the lender why they turned you down under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, as long as you do it within 60 days. Any denial of your auto loan must be explained in detail by the lender. Based on the information provided by the lender, you can work on resolving the issues.


Closely identifying the reasons for your used car loan rejection is a fundamental step before reapplying for an auto loan, as it helps you rectify your mistakes. In addition to this, be sure to look around for the best vehicle loan deals. Moreover, pick a loan amount and repayment term that can fit into your budget and can be settled easily.


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