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Motor insurance Renewal - features & benefits

2 Mins 16 Feb 2022 0 COMMENT


Like any valuable asset, motor vehicles also need to be insured. The car needs to have a motor insurance policy that protects it against accidents. With the rising traffic, road accidents are common these days. Even a minor accident can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle. These damages can be expensive to fix. But, with the help of a motor insurance policy, you need not worry about the costs. Insurance companies will cover the costs of all damages that are covered by your insurance plan.

Motor insurance in India covers all types of light motor vehicles and heavy motor vehicles. As important as getting your motor vehicle insured, it is even more important to remember to renew this insurance. Every insurance policy has a validity period. If you do not extend it, your policy will expire, and your vehicle will no longer be protected from damages. The process of extending the validity period for your insurance is called a renewal. Nowadays, to make it easy for customers, insurance companies offer the facility of online renewal.

Let us looks at the benefits of online motor insurance renewal:

  • You need not worry about visiting your insurance company during working hours to renew your motor vehicle insurance. All you need is a laptop/mobile phone and an internet connection. You can easily log in at any place and at any time. You only need to provide your log-in details, contact details, motor vehicle insurance numbers, and vehicle details. You also need to provide your bank details so that the amount will get automatically debited from your bank account.
  • You do not have to fill several forms by hand to renew your insurance. Once you log in to the insurance company’s website, you need to digitally fill in all your details in the online forms and submit them. That saves you the hassle of filling in paperwork. Your insurance renewal papers might get lost or damaged, and renewing them online is one way to reduce this risk.
  • Every insurance company offers a customer different insurance plans. One insurance company will provide motor vehicle insurance that covers a particular type of damage. Another insurance company might not provide this. At the time of renewal, you have the option to opt out of the plan and choose another insurance company that will provide you with better coverage and a cheaper cost. You can customize and add more features to your insurance plan while renewing your motor insurance online. You can mofify it as per your convenience.
  • If you haven’t made any claims on your insurance during a policy year, then you are entitled to receive a reward from your insurance company. This is called a no claim bonus. This bonus can be easily transferred when you renew your motor insurance online.

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Most people are scared to renew their motor insurance online as they are worried about online fraud. To avoid this, be sure to study all the insurance companies and choose a reliable one that has a good reputation in the market. Choose a company that offers you a transparent process with no hidden charges and provides you with the exact motor vehicle coverage that you need.

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