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Achieve your Goals with LIFEY

3 Mins 25 Oct 2022 0 COMMENT

Everybody wants to accomplish all their dream goals, isn't it? We all strive to do so! Despite the fact that many try, not all succeed. A major reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they fail to plan and make the necessary investments. 

Many times, people don't know what they are doing with their money. Maintaining our attention on the things that are significant to us in today's fast-paced environment can be very challenging; the goals we've always had and the things that help us develop as a human. We often discover ourselves being forced onto a path that someone else chose.

However, we must understand the importance of planning our goals in a way which suits our needs.

Say you wish to create your own business, but planning for it, saving an emergency fund, and the timeline for so many other things need to prepare. You can't afford to wake up one day, quit your job and start a business; life doesn't work that way.

Or maybe you cannot get “Destination Wedding” out of your mind. But that requires precise planning and consistent saving. Besides, you can never be laid back regarding wedding goals, especially in India.

What is the most common goal among today's millennials? That’s right. An adventurous solo backpacking trip. If this is you, what is holding you back? Finances are tight? You can't let that keep you from achieving your dreams. There is a way to fulfil these goals as per your timeline; you can always start budgeting and planning.

Making a budget aids in planning for expenses and can reveal information about your spending patterns, enabling you to cut back on unnecessary spending.

  • Budget: Due to the high inflation rate, many people may find it difficult to pay their monthly bills while also trying to save money to fulfil their dreams. Establishing a budget will help you get by and reduce some of the stress associated with paying for impending bills, even while it won't wholly beat inflation.
  • Invest: Start smart investing with LIFEY, a systematic plan to help you achieve your goals in the most planned manner. It enables you to plan SMART (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bounded) goals.

So what’s LIFEY?

LIFEY stands for Lifestage Investments for You. With LIFEY, you may set essential financial milestones and invest in them to reach other significant life milestones. It also ensures you keep track of every milestone you've chosen and, if necessary, offers recommendations for the best course of action to achieve your objectives on schedule.

The best part about LIFEY is that it allows you to plan your goals section-wise. There are seven pre-defined milestones (retirement, car, marriage, education, travel, home, wealth accumulation) and one unique milestone you can define. You must give each milestone a different name, and you can keep track of them all using the milestone names you've given them.

Here's how LIFEY helps you invest for your dream goal:


Start business

(Wealth Creation)

Destination wedding


Europe solo backpacking trip (Travel)

Estimated Cost

Rs 20,00,000

Rs 15,00,000

Rs 1,20,000

Time horizon

5 years

4 years

2 years





Lumpsum available

Rs 2.2 lakh

Rs 2 lakh


SIP amount

Rs 30,000

Rs 25,000

Rs 6,500

Investment years




Type of Investor




Future value of investment

Rs 26,80,550

Rs 17,65,381

Rs 1,36,238


Rs 4,099

Rs 10,593

Rs 1,406

*The above calculation is for representation purpose only.

Want to try it too? You can now use the LIFEY calculator to customise an investment plan for all your dreams.

But how to stay committed and focused on the goal?

Big dreams and goals are essential, and often they seem so close you can almost taste them. When this happens, sticking with your goals looks simple. Conversely, there may be a situation when your objectives appear dauntingly distant and unattainable in this life. It's far more challenging to stay committed at these times.

LIFEY helps you stay disciplined and still giving flexibility to achieve your goals. It helps you do comprehensive tracking, stay on course, and, most importantly, coordinate with your risk profile.

Sign up with LIFEY and fulfil dreams!

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