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What Is Lot Size In Futures Trading?- ICICI Direct

8 Mins 28 Dec 2023 0 COMMENT
Options Trading

Futures trading is an integral part of the financial market, offering investors the opportunity to speculate on the price movements of various assets. In this trading environment, there exists a concept called “ Lot Size”

This article aims to explain the concept of Lot Size in futures trading, exploring its definition, determination, and the reasons behind its modification.

What Is Lot Size In Futures?

Lot Size in futures refers to the standardized quantity or volume of an underlying asset that a futures contract represents. It establishes the minimum size of the contract that can be traded on an exchange. Lot Size varies for different assets and is an essential factor in determining the contract's total value and price movement per unit change.

For instance, in the case of Nifty 50, the Lot Size is set at 50 shares. Therefore, traders engaging in options trading for Nifty 50 are restricted to trade in multiples of 50 only.

Additionally, the value of an options contract for Nifty 50 is derived by multiplying the Lot Size by the prevailing trading price. For example, if someone purchases options with a Lot Size of 200, and the value of the Nifty 50 contract stands at Rs. 7,500, the total value of the contract would amount to 200 multiplied by Rs. 7,500, resulting in a value of Rs. 15 lakh.

How Are Lot Sizes Fixed For Options And Futures?

SEBI, the market regulator, initially set the notional lot value at Rs. 2 lakh when futures and options trading commenced. Over time, SEBI adjusted Lot Sizes to ensure that the resulting notional value, when multiplied by the market price, remained higher than Rs. 2 lakh.

This strategic approach aimed to deter aggressive speculative trading by small retail investors, reducing the risk of substantial losses.

In 2015, as income and purchasing power increased, SEBI revised the lot value to Rs. 5 lakh. As newer companies were added to the F&O list, adjustments were made to maintain the notional value of around Rs. 7.5 lakh. Lot Sizes for various companies now typically range between Rs. 5 to 10 lakh. SEBI regularly revises Lot Sizes when the notional value significantly deviates from their established range.

Why Are The Lot Sizes Modified?

Lot Sizes are subject to periodic modifications due to significant changes in share values that result in considerable divergence from established lot values.

For instance, consider a company where shares constitute a lot size of 1,000, and the F&O trading price is Rs. 350. This yields a large value of Rs. 3.5 lakh as per the fixed Lot Size. As time progresses, if the trading price surges to Rs. 700, the lot value based on the fixed Lot Size would also rise to Rs. 7 lakh, significantly deviating from the indicated lot value prescribed by SEBI.

In such instances, the regulator may opt to revise the Lot Size downwards to, let's say, 300. Consequently, this adjustment would bring down the lot value to Rs. 3 lakh, aligning it more accurately with the prescribed lot value determined by SEBI.

On the other hand, during stock price corrections, SEBI might increase the Lot Size to maintain the lot value within the desired range. Therefore, changes in stock prices often prompt revisions or modifications in Lot Sizes of futures and options to ensure that lot values remain within the bounds specified by the regulatory guidelines.


Lot Size is a fundamental concept in futures trading, governing the quantity and value of contracts exchanged on the market. Determined and standardised by exchanges, Lot Sizes play a pivotal role in defining the minimum tradable contract size for various assets in futures and options trading. Understanding Lot Sizes is crucial for traders and investors, as it influences the contract value, risk exposure, and overall trading strategies.


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